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There is a saying that goes like this,” Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”, and the outward appearance is the first thing that generally attracts an eye. It is the beauty of a thing that gives a perceptual understanding of satisfaction and pleasure. Beauty is nothing but a balance and harmony with nature. This balance and harmony with nature is perfectly provided by the color white. Innocence, honesty, exactitude, peace and perfection are some of the things that are associated with the color white. A bride in her white wedding dress and the Taj Mahal are the symbols that show that white is the color of love. White color has a lot of significance to the human beings as well as to the nature. A man always likes a snow covered mountain in bright daylight and the view of the full moon in a dark night. It is not that these wonders of nature are a miracle of God, but because it is the peace behind them that gives a sense of satisfaction and peace to the onlookers.

White color has so much significance to the human beings that it has been used by various ancient people in their paintings and structures. Today also white color has not lost its grace. The white house is a perfect example of the beauty and grace that white color can bring to a thing. This wonderful color has also found its right place in the cyber world as well. Various different websites use beautiful and attractive patterns to decorate their web pages in order to attract more and more internet users. Having an eye-catching background for a website or blog has become the need of the hour. Different and elegant patterns are chosen by people to decorate their blogs and websites. These spectacular patterns help a lot in keeping the interest of a user in a particular website. Thus, the classical white background is one such popular background that is used by many websites and bloggers as well.

White backgrounds give a wide variety of patterns that give a refreshing look to a webpage in a classic style. Commonly we see many big websites using a simple white background for the website with very little detailing. However, people who want things different can use additional patterns in their white backgrounds. In this article we have discussed some of the most exquisite and beautiful white backgrounds that can be used to enhance the beauty of a website.

1. White Background with Crystals of Snow:

Snowflakes and white color go hand in hand when used in a background. This is one of the most popular white themed backgrounds that are commonly seen on many webpages. As shown in the picture, this white colored background consists of numerous big and small crystals of snow that give an effect of a snowfall on a winter eve. The crystals of snow are also made with a variety of designs as some have sharp edges while others have interconnected patterns.

Where to Use-This type of white background is appropriate for websites and blogs based on winter themes. It is also a good option for decorating your website on a Christmas Eve.


2. White Paper Texture Background:

Another wonderful white background that gives a texture of a crushed plain white paper. This is a simple plain white background with very less details and without any additional objects or themes. It is an example of abstract white background and beautifully suits almost any theme. The thin crushed lines of the unevenly folded paper also increase the beauty of this simple background.

Where to Use-As said earlier, this type of background goes well with almost any kind of theme. Whether it is a stylish website about white art or a funky one about fashion, this paper background will perfectly go with all the themes.


3. Cell of Recluse Background:

This white background is based on the painting of famous artist Joan Miro. This background consists of small square-shaped cellular structures with small raised circles. One needs to stand a little farther from the screen in order to distinguish between the thin fine lines separating the square structures.

Where to Use- As Joan Miro’s painting depicted suffering and isolation, this background can be used on web pages that depict some pain or self-isolation. Bloggers can also use this background in various blogs based on relationships and other related topics.


4. White Damask Background:

Damask is the ancient weaving technique that used various different reversible designs and patterns. Damask designs are also used to decorate various web pages and are used in background designs. The white damask background given in the picture consists of a beautiful leaves design. The leaves are portrayed using a brighter shade of white giving an effect similar to weaved damasks.

Where to use This beautiful white background can be used to decorate various designer websites and online shopping websites.

Nice Background

5. White Feather Background:

Use of white feather in a background is also a good option for a white background. The design depicted in the picture consists of a close-up of a white feather. At one look it is hard to tell that this background consists of a feather but a closer look tells it. If you look closer, you will see the thin fine curves that separate thin strands of the feather.

Where to Use: A white feather background is good for websites based on wildlife and nature. Although, websites containing information about nature use various animals or natural scenes for background, this background can also act as a good desktop background for such websites.


6.White Spectrum Background:

This is a unique background design but is not a mainstream background and is not commonly seen. This beautiful background consists of different light shades of various different colors with white color as the base.

Where to Use: This is a perfect background for various furniture and house decoration websites.


7. White Rose Background:

The picture consists of a beautiful white rose with beautifully blossomed petals. The white rose can be a very attractive background and will definitely increase the beauty of any webpage.

Where to Use: This beautiful white rose background is good for websites that are based on flowers. Local florists who sell their flowers online can also use this as a background for their website.

Flower Art

8. Grey White Background:

This is one of the simplest white backgrounds with only two shades of white color. As seen in the picture, this background consists of a white and grayish color spread all over the picture without any detail. Though it is simple, still effective to catch the eye of the onlooker.

Where to Use: This is one of those white backgrounds that can go along with any theme or website. Thus, you can use this background for a vast variety of themes and websites.


9. Hexadecimal White Background:

This white background is based on the mathematical positional number system i.e. hexadecimal number system. As seen in the picture, this background consists of hexadecimal digits lined together in a pair of four.

Where to Use: This background is perfect for mathematics and computer related websites. This background can also be used by various blogs and websites based on various computer programming languages.

Hexa Decimal

10. White Designer Background:

This background consists of a traditional wallpaper design that is generally used to decorate walls of a house. The green colored designer patterns give a simple yet ravishing look to this background.

Where to Use: This background is also good for various designer and house furnishing websites.


11. White Background with Black and White Spheres:

This background was designed by some amateur designer who made this background to show his skills to the world. The background consists of black and white spheres with dark and light shades with a grey colored base.

Where to Use: As there is no particular theme associated with this background, thus it can be used by anyone to decorate his or her blog or webpage.


12.Abstract Background:

This background consists of one of the finest white abstract art. As shown in the picture, this background consists of various dark and light shades of white color beautifully portrayed with the abstract pattern.

Where to Use: This abstract pattern is good for various websites and blogs based on various art forms like music, dance, paintings etc.


13. White Silk Background:

The white silk background shown in the picture consists of a white silk cloth spread unevenly over a flat surface. The uneven spreads give a very unique design to the background. The use of shiny silk cloth also gives a unique charm to this background.

Where to Use: This silk background can be used in blogs about various fabrics. This can also act as a good background for various websites for clothes and fabrics.


14.Designer White Tree Background:

This is a beautiful and unique background. This background consists of a number of white trees with very less leaves on them. In the background, there is designer pattern depicted in a darker shade of white color. This background is a version of the dark wallpaper brush.

Where to Use: The beautifully designed background can be used in various designer websites. This background will also look good in various musical and gothic websites.


15.White Bubbles Background:

All of us have seen the Windows 8 bubbles desktop background. The background shown in this picture is a white replica of the Windows 8 desktop background. This design depicts bubbles of different sizes in white color. The base of the background can be seen in a darker shade of white which perfectly supports the pure white bubbles.

Where to Use: This bubbles background can also be used anywhere and with any theme. However, it is good to use this background with things related to bubbles like water themes etc.


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