Attention Grabbing Wedding Centerpieces Ideas

Planning a wedding is a very difficult and tiring task. Making the list of guests, planning the wedding place, decorations and planning menu are some of the tasks that are most important in planning a wedding. Decorating the wedding place is one of the most time consuming and tiring task. Bride and groom are the main attraction of a wedding; however the decorations of the wedding venue are equally important especially centerpiece decorations. Presence of beautiful centerpieces increases the beauty of the wedding decorations. Various exiting wedding centerpieces ideas add to the value of your house, and make the function memorable for everyone. As centerpieces are an important part of wedding decorations, many people give more emphasis on the type of centerpiece they want in their wedding. Generally brides are more concerned about their wedding centerpieces as compared to men. Thus, considering various wedding centerpiece ideas is very important.

Commonly flowers and candles are the two main things that are used in centerpieces. The touch of romance in the wedding surrounding is beautifully enhanced with the used of beautiful floral and floating candle centerpieces. There are also some ornamental centerpieces available that can be used in wedding centerpieces. However, the ornamental centerpiece ideas should only be considered by people who do not have any problem in spending some money on their centerpiece.

In this article we have discussed some centerpiece ideas that can be used in wedding decorations.

1. Wedding Centerpieces

People nowadays like to hire wedding planners who do all the arrangements for wedding. So, if you also have hired some wedding planner then you need not to worry about wedding decorations. All you have to do is discuss your theme for wedding decorations with the wedding planner. The rest is done by the wedding planner himself. However, if you are low with budget and are trying to decorate your wedding venue then you should first consider about the various wedding themes as your centerpiece idea totally depends on your wedding theme. For, example, if you are going with a traditional wedding then floral centerpiece is the best centerpiece decoration idea.

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Pumpkin Centerpiece

2. Floral Centerpiece Idea:

Floral centerpieces have been used in centerpiece decorations from ages. Flowers are cheap and easily available. Thus, if your budget is limited then floral centerpiece is the best option for you. For creative and inexpensive centerpiece decoration, collect some seasonal flowers and place the petals in the bowl filled with water. These centerpieces can be used to decorate your guest tables and other spaces of the wedding venue. Use of glass vases and bowls increases the beauty of a floral centerpiece. Hour glass shaped cylinders, glass bowls, tall glass containers, trays, baskets and even ceramic pots can be used in floral centerpiece decorations

You can also bring different variations to your floral centerpieces. If you want to keep your centerpiece to be simple then adding a little greenery to the flowers will look elegant. You can add some leaves or extra stems to your floral centerpieces. Another twist that can be given to a floral centerpiece is addition of some fruits. Use some colorful fruits that go with your flowers used in the centerpiece. Thus, it is always better to add some other things with flowers in your centerpiece decorations. If fresh flowers are not available then you can also use dried flowers or silk flowers. Floral centerpieces can also be combined with candles if the size of the table is big.

Now you would be thinking about the type of flowers that you can use in centerpiece decorations. Always go for colorful and vibrant flowers that go with your wedding theme. To increase the beauty of flowers you can also add some colorful pebbles or ribbons to the bowls. Use of colorful bowls will also help in increasing the beauty of your centerpieces. Nowadays stainless steel bowls are also in fashion. Thus you can also use some stainless steel vases or bowls in your centerpiece decorations.

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3. Candle Centerpieces Idea:

Using candle centerpiece is also a cheap option that can be used to decorate your wedding centerpiece. Floating candle centerpieces are popular choices of people that are used on this auspicious occasion. As said earlier, you can also combine floral centerpieces with candle decorations. Colorful and scented candles can be put in glass bowls filled with water. Addition of beads and pearls is another option that can be done with candle centerpieces. There are many varieties of candles that you can find in the market.

Also, these floating candles are available in different sizes and shapes. Using a mirrored base bowl with a colorful floating candle is one unique candle centerpiece decoration that is not seen often. The mirror base will reflect the beautiful color of the candle back to the top of the water which will give a nice touch to the centerpiece decoration.

Apart from the floating candles, candle bouquet centerpieces can also be used. These centerpieces are easy to make. You can just tie three candles together with the help of a colorful ribbon in a triangular shape.Ornamental pillar candle holders can also be used to decorate your candle centerpieces.




4. Some Other Wedding Centerpiece Ideas:

People who think that floral and candle centerpieces are very common and they want some unique idea for their centerpiece decoration, here are some additional centerpiece decoration ideas. Decorating your centerpiece with a fish bowl is one unique idea. You can add some gold fish to the fish bowl or some other fish according to your choice. This idea is not as expensive as you think.


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