Must-see Ugly Animals

Just like other human beings, animals are also an essential part of our lives. We keep various animals as our pets to protect our homes or other belongings. It is seen that humans and various animals have similar behavior habits. We also use animals like rats for testing drugs which are meant for humans.

For ages humans have proved to be a threat for various pet as well as wild animals. Humans not only destroyed their natural habitat but have also killed many of these animals for its benefits. The Dodo, the Caspian tiger, the Tasmanian wolf, and the Steller’s sea cow are some of the many animal species that have become extinct and can only be seen in pictures now. However, various governments and private organizations have come forward to protect various animals species.

So, far more than one million ugly animals species have been discovered. These species have some interesting facts about their appearance, feeding, habitat, behavior and adaptive features. Here we have mentioned some of the weirdest and ugliest looking animals. Many of these animals are also on an urge of extinction, so before they are lost from this world, you might want to read some interesting facts about them.

California Condor

California Condor:

The California Condor, the largest terrestrial bird of North America, is black in color with a bald head. The color of the head may vary from white to reddish purple. They mostly feed on the remains of large dead animals like deer, cattle, and other animals. However, they can also feed on the remains of smaller animals like rabbits and rodents. As it mostly feeds on dead animals, thus the bare head is good as it can easily stick its head inside the corpse. The California condor is one of the ugliest looking animals because it’s weird head full of wrinkles.



Found on the coast of south-eastern Australia and Tasmania, Blob fish was voted the ugliest animal in 2013. Blob fish has very low density of flesh and thus it looks very different from what it is in the water. Blobfish lives deep in the ocean. So deep, that the pressure there is extremely high. In order to survive under such extreme circumstances, the Blobfish has adapted its body in such a way. The low flesh density is suitable in such places where gaseous bladders fail to work.

Aye Aye

Aye Aye:

Aye-ayes are very rare animals and are only found on the island of Madagascar. They might look ugly but they are mostly related to humans, chimpanzees and apes. They are dark brown or black in color with slim fingers, pointed claws, big eyes and large sensitive ears. They also have a long hairy tail that is larger than their body. The pointed claws on their fingers and toes help them to swing from branches. They mostly spend their time hanging to trees and hardly come down on earth.

Star Nosed Mole

Star Nosed Mole:

Star Nosed moles are mostly found in areas of Eastern Canada and North Eastern America. They are dark brown to black on the back and lighter brown from beneath. The Star-nosed mole has eleven pink colored star shaped limbs on its nose which it uses to dig a network of tunnels through below par drained moist soil. This star shaped nose makes them one of the ugliest animals of the world. These tentacles however are very sensitive and help the moles to find and identify their food. These moles have long claws to dig the ground but have no eyes to see. Thus the star tentacles not only help them to see, but also keep the food from entering their noses.

Sphynx Cat

Sphynx Cat:

Sphynx is an unusual breed of cats which has very few to no hair. The Sphynx cat did not came into existence before 1966. In 1966, in Toronto, Canada a cat gave birth to a hairless kitten and it was found that it had undergone a natural genetic mutation. Sphynx are medium sized cats with no or very few hair on their body. Sphynx have a strong bone structure and good muscles that are developed all over the body. Some might find them cute but they look ugly with their wide opened eyes and wrinkled head. However they are attractive and active too. They are lovable and always look to get human attention.

Sarcoramphus Papa

Sarcoramphus Papa:

Also known as king vultures, Sarcoramphus Papa is creamy white in color with a weird beak. The skin hanging down over their beak is called a wattle which has a bright red-orange color. Their beak is heavy and strong, good for slicing the flesh. They have long thick claws which are good for keeping a tight grip on their prey. These big birds can be found in Trinidad and anywhere from Mexico to central Argentina. They have very good eyesight and thus keep an eye on their surroundings from very high trees. Like other vultures, king vultures also feed on dead corpse of animals.

Naked Mole Rat

Naked Mole Rat:

Naked Mole Rats are found in Eastern Africa, Kenya, Ethiopia and Somalia. They are very unusual animals with no hair on their body. They also cannot maintain their body temperature and are cold blooded. Like ants, these animals also live in hierarchical colonies under the ground. With no hair and wrinkled skin all over their bodies, they look ugly. They have tooth like rats which are used to dig the land. They separate their lower tooth like chopsticks to cut the mud and dig the tunnels and they do this without swallowing any dirt. They are herbivores and eat roots and tubers.

Deep Sea Angler Fish

Deep Sea Angler Fish:

The deep sea angler fish is another weird looking creature which has a round body that looks like a basketball. The Angler fish can be brown or dark gray or even black on color. Angular fish has appearance like a devil are and sometimes are also called as devil fish. They are soft and have small eyes. The unique feature of Deep Sea Angular fish is that it has a long stretched thin tube like organ on its face that can produce light. Its skin is specially adapted to reflect blue light. This is done through a chemical process known as biolumine scence. A blue-green colored light is produced similar to the light produced by fireflies.

Proboscis Monkey

Proboscis Monkey:

Found only on the island of Borneo in South-east Asia, these monkeys prefer to live in the mangrove forests and lowland forests near fresh water and rivers. They live almost exclusively in mangrove forests, but can also be found in lowland rainforests. They got their name Proboscis because of their long and big nose. Their big nose is the main reason that places these animals among the ugliest animals in the world. The nose is used to make loud sounds as a warning when they sense danger. Like other monkey species they also take care of their young ones.



Hagfish are not only considered ugly because they look like, but also because they produce a lot of slime. A single Hagfish can produce a jug full of slime at one time. However their slime is quite different from usual natural slime. The slime is strong and made up of fibers which make it really difficult to remove. The Hagfish uses this slime to protect itself from hunters. The slime is also used by Hagfish to suffocate other aquatic animals to death by filling their gills with slime. The slime is also used by Hagfish to build a protective cocoon for itself.

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