Stunning Images of Revolutionary Currencies

You’d think that revolutionary activists would be too busy rebelling against the authorities to worry about something like a currency. But as we all know, a rebellion needs money in order to be sustained. And replacing a country’s official currency with a rebel-backed and issued alternative proclaims to the people that things are changing. Judging by the beauty and intricacy, the French Revolutionists and other rebels had some talented artists among their number. Have a look at their work and you’ll see exactly what we mean!

Assignat Banknote from the French Revolution

assignat french revolution banknote

Mandat Banknote from the French Revolution

mandat french revolution banknote

Confederate Banknote from the American Civil War

confederate banknotes

Rif Banknote from the Rif Revolt

riff banknotes

Coins from the Kingdom of Heavenly Peace

kingdom of peace coins

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