Trendy Snake Eyes Tongue Piercing

Signs of Snake Eyes Tongue Piercing Infection:

Knowing the symptoms of tongue infection due to snake eyes piercing will help you to detect and cure the infection on time. Some of the most noticeable signs are:

1. Swelling: Swelling on your tongue is the first sign of infection. It is normal to see swelling on your tongue for two or three weeks after piercing, but if it persists for a long period or becomes worse, then it is the sign of an oral infection. In such a situation, you will find it tough to speak. Before it becomes a major oral problem, you should consult a doctor and detect it on time.

2. Redness:If you see slight redness on your tongue even after many days of piercing, it means you have an infection. If you ignore it, it can lead to excessive pain and bleeding.

3. Bleeding: Bleeding immediately after piercing is obvious and normal, but if continues even during healing period, it means that you have an infection. It is also another sign that indicates an ongoing infection.

4. Discoloration: If you see your tongue turning black, green, purple or yellow, it means you are in the advanced stage of oral infection. If you don’t cure it on time with proper medication, you can suffer from various serious oral problems.







Snake Eye


To conclude, we can say that snake eyes tongue piercing is a new trend of body piercing. It is a surface piercing, in which two holes are created on the tongue either vertically or horizontally. There are three types of snake eyes tongue piercing, including tongue barbells piercing, double tongue piercing and horizontal tongue piercing. Though they look incredible on everyone, there are also high risks involved in these three piercings. It can cause infection in your mouth. And since piercing is placed on the tip and closely attached to the teeth, it can also damage your teeth. The initial signs of oral infection caused by snake eyes tongue piercing include long-term swelling, continuous bleeding, change in the color of tongue and redness on tongue during healing period. When you see any of these symptoms during healing period, take a proper medication to avoid major oral problems.

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