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Every woman wants to look stylish and younger than her age. To accomplish this, they wear sexy dresses, take a good care of their skin and apply different highlights on their hair. However, it is not enough. Haircuts also play an important role in enhancing the beauty of a woman. The selection of a certain haircut depends on your face shape and hair type. Side swept bangs are one of such haircuts that look perfect on almost all face shapes and hair lengths. Bangs look pretty on everyone, and when swept to one side, they render you a sexy look. Side swept bangs instantly grab the attention of people towards your eyes. They are also useful for those women who want to hide their ordinary, wrinkled or broad forehead.

So, are you a mature woman, and want to look youthful with a new hairstyle? Well, you need to wear stylish side swept bangs. This hairstyle can render you a retro look. Not only the bangs make you look younger, but it can also hide imperfections on your face. It works wonders for all types of hair, whether straight, curly, short, medium or long. Hair dressers believe that bangs are evergreen. They can never go out of trend, and look best with all types of outfit.

So, if you want to get the best bangs this winter, go through this article. It will give you many exciting ideas to style yourself, and look much more beautiful and young than before. Do have a look.

1. Side Bangs with Long Hair: Side swept bangs look great on women with long hair. They can balance your looks while hiding your broad forehead. Chin length bangs will look dazzling on your long and sleek hair. It will also add volume and dimension to your hair. Though side swept bangs are not restricted to a particular face shape, this hairstyle looks much more stunning on women with long face. It renders mature women a younger look. It also looks wonderful on young girls, and makes them look much more beautiful and sexy than before.

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2. Side Bangs with Medium Hair: Side swept bangs and medium hair together makes a great combination. Bangs with this length are short and flipped at the end, which match perfectly with the hair length. This hairstyle softens your look. It looks wonderful on women with small forehead.


3. Side Bangs with Short Hair: Bangs with this length are short, which match perfectly with the haircut. It looks better on curly hair and small forehead. Short hair renders mature women a younger look. And if you wear side swept bangs, you will look very sexy and energetic.


4. Updos with Side Swept Bangs: Updo is itself famous for its elegance and style. Besides style, it makes you feel comfortable, whether you go for night dates or anywhere to have fun. And when combined with stylish side swept bangs, this hairstyle works wonders to your face. It is suitable for all hair types and lengths of hair. You can also wear it on formal as well as for casual occasions. It looks great on all types of face shape.


5. Pixie Cut with Side Swept Bangs: You might have seen many actresses with the unique and sexy combination of pixie haircut and side bangs. Long side swept bangs with this haircut frames you face, and make you look very sexy and young. It looks greater on women with heart and square-shaped faces. It can also enable you to get rid of your broad and boring forehead.

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6. Bob Cut with Side Bangs: It is also a great combination. Everyone loves bob cut, and what could be better if it’s styled with side swept bangs. Though it looks better on short hair, you can wear this combination on any hair length. It looks very beautiful on all hair types, whether straight, curly or wavy. It will look yet more stunning if you apply vibrant colors on your hair.

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7. Blunt Cut with Side Bangs: Blunt cut with side bangs is a fun trend. It is a universally flattering hairstyle that looks great on every woman. It renders your face a youthful, fresh and sexy look. It looks much better on straight hair. However, you can also wear it on your surly hair.

Wavy Cut

8. Highlights on Side Swept Bangs: Side bangs look very pretty on every woman. This hairstyle highlights your facial features, especially eyes. It also hides your boring and wrinkled forehead. In order to make it look yet more dazzling, you can also apply highlights on it. It will surely do wonders for your face.

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9. Long Layers with Side Bangs: Layering hair with bangs works best because it allows your hair grow out without looking too extreme. It looks very sexy on all types of face. However, it looks much better on women with long hair.

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Tips to Style Side Swept Bangs:

1. Consult a Hair Dresser: When you decide to wear side swept bangs, don’t forget to consult a specialist or hair dresser. He or she is well familiar with all types of hair and their requirements. Considering the length and type of your hair, he or she will suggest you a certain style of side bangs that will look perfect on your face. He will also recommend right product for your hair.

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2. Consider your Face Shape: Face shape is also a variable factor of hairstyle. Different hairstyles suit on different face shapes. So, before you cut side swept bangs, don’t forget to consider your face shape and skin tone.

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3. Use Blower and Straightening Iron: First of all you need to get your bangs wet and then dry it with a blower. After it, straight your bangs with a straightener. It will make this part of your hair textured and sleek.

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