Shoulder Tattoos for Women

Women commonly like to get tattoos to show their sexuality and increase their beauty. Tattoos for women are a symbol of beauty and femininity which not only enhance the beauty of a woman but also depict her inner self. Many women celebrities are also seen wearing various tattoos which have encouraged a lot of women to adopt this art form on their bodies.

Tattoos for women look sexy and thus many men prefer women with tattoos as their partners. Like men, women also like to get tattoos on various parts of their bodies. However, one body part that has become a popular choice of women to get tattoos is shoulders. Nowadays, many women are bending to get their shoulders tattooed as compared to other body parts. Shoulder tattoos for women can have various designs and art forms. In this article we have discussed some popular shoulder tattoo designs that many women like to get.

Butterfly Tattoo on Shoulder:

Butterflies are the most common theme that is generally seen in many women tattoos. These beautiful and delicate creatures are the first choice of girls in a tattoo design. A butterfly tattoo on the smooth shoulder skin looks very elegant and sexy. Colorful butterflies or a single colorful butterfly are some popular butterfly tattoo designs that women like to get on their shoulders. Butterfly with floral pattern is another popular tattoo design for the shoulders. The joyful colors used in these tattoo designs definitely enlighten the mood of the onlookers.


There are some meanings that are generally associated with butterfly tattoos. Butterflies are considered as a sign of transformation, beauty and new beginnings. They are also associated with freedom and free spirit.

Rose Tattoo on Shoulder:

Rose is another popular tattoo design liked by women. Different roses symbolize different things to women. For example a red rose is a symbol of love and respect, a white rose is a symbol of clarity and dedication, a yellow rose is a symbol of bond and faithfulness and a pink rose symbolizes elegance and appreciation.

Rose tattoos on shoulder can either depict a single red rose or a bunch of roses. Roses can also be inked with various other flowers or some other design. Inking the initials of some loved one with a rose tattoo is another beautiful and popular design.

My Rose Tattoo

Floral Patterns on Shoulders:

Colorful flowers inked on a woman’s body are commonly seen nowadays. Women like to get tattoo designs based on different floral patterns because there are many variations that can be done with a floral tattoo designs. Thus, a colorful floral pattern tattoo design on shoulder can be a good tattoo option that will increase the beauty of your shoulder.

You can either use a single flower or various flowers with leaves and stems. Use of different color combinations is another variation that can be done with a floral tattoo design.

Bird Flower

Quote Tattoo on Shoulder:

Many women like to ink meaningful words and quotes as tattoos. A quote tattoo on shoulder is a perfect choice for such women as the shoulders provide smooth surface which cats as the perfect canvas for a word tattoo.

You can either select quotes of some famous people, Bible quotes, sayings etc. for your shoulder tattoo. However, one thing to consider with a quote is the tattoo font. There are a number of tattoo fonts that you can choose for your shoulder tattoo quote.

Feather Tattoo

Star Tattoo on Shoulder:

Star tattoos also look good on shoulders. Commonly women like to get a star tattoo on shoulders as it gives them freedom to paint as many number of stars as they want. You can either depict a single big star on the shoulder or you can ink a trail of small stars.

Star tattoo can be inked in various colorful designs and in various styles. Thus, select a star tattoo that goes with your skin tone and personality.


Koi Fish Tattoo on Shoulder:

Koi fish is the traditional Japanese symbol that is liked as a tattoo design by many men and women. Koi fish is considered as a symbol of good luck, struggle and achievement.

Koi fish tattoo design is one tattoo design that looks good only on back or shoulders. Generally a koi fish is inked as struggling with water waves. This is a symbol of overcoming obstacles and achieving goals

Back Tattoo

Fairy Tattoo on Shoulder:

Fairies are also used as tattoo theme for women. Thus a fairy tattoo is also commonly seen on women. A fairy tattoo can be inked in various styles on the shoulders. Simple fairies with a halo behind her head or fairy with wings are some popular designs. However, moon, stars and magical wand are some other things that can be added with a fairy tattoo. Fairy tattoos in women are a symbol of protection and motherhood.


Dragonfly Tattoo on Shoulder:

Dragonfly tattoo is also a popular design that is used as a symbol of new beginnings and life. Dragonfly tattoo designs are generally bigger and thus are preferred to be inked on back or shoulders.

A dragonfly tattoo mainly consists of a single dragonfly with beautiful colors. However, it all depends on your imagination and creativity to design a unique dragonfly tattoo for your shoulder tattoo.

Sexy Tattoo

Advantages of Tattoos on Shoulders:

Shoulders are a good option for getting a tattoo for many reasons. Women shoulders are not as broad as compared to men; however they still provide enough space to ink large tattoos. Shoulders are also considered good for getting tattoos because it is less painful to get a tattoo on your shoulders.

There are some women who do not wish to flaunt their tattoo to everyone. Thus a shoulder tattoo is good option for these women as it can be easily covered under clothes. Also women who study or work in restricted environments that do not allow flaunting tattoos can also ink a shoulder tattoo.

Shoulder Tattoo



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