35 Short Layered Hairstyles

Are you a woman with short hair? If yes, then you must feel lucky, because there are endless options of hairstyles for short hair. Various short hairstyles convey a sense of youthfulness and independence. Women with these hairstyles look very pretty and energetic as well.

If you too want to look hot this season, go for short layered hairstyles. With these hot hairstyles, you will definitely look stunning. It is the latest and most trendy hairstyle for short lengths. It is also easy to make and maintain these hairstyles. You will feel comfortable and cool with your short layered hairstyle. This type of short hairstyles is suitable for all types of occasions and also looks perfect on every outfit. Though short hair is itself very sexy and stylish, layers give dimension and movement to it. This trendy hairstyle highlights and enhances your facial features and makes you look gorgeous. Layers make a great combination with all types of hair, whether straight or curly. Applying highlights on these layers make them yet more dazzling. A woman with this particular hairstyle looks much more beautiful and sexy than others.

So, if you too want to get the attention of many guys around you, then you should definitely wear this hot and fresh hairstyle. In order to have more ideas on how to style your hair, go through this article. It will surely help you to choose the hottest hairstyle that will render you a new look. Take a look.

1. Short Shag with Layers: Shag is one of the hottest and stylish hairstyles. Layers with this short hairstyle make it yet more stylish and hot. Though shag looks better on straight hair, you can also wear this hairstyle on curly hair. It looks very pretty on all types of face shape and skin tone.

Short Layered

2. Short Razor Cut with Layers: Short razor cut with layers is a fun for all face shapes and hair types. However, this hairstyle is more suitable for long faces. Layers trimmed in an asymmetrical way in the front make a long face appear shorter. If you wear bangs with this particular hairstyle, both works wonders together. It renders you a stylish and funky look. You can also apply funky color to these layers to make them yet more stylish and highlighted.

Bob Haircut

3. Short Bob with Layers: Bob is itself a modern and classic hair style. It makes a woman look gorgeous. And when you combine this sexy hairstyle with layers, it looks yet more stylish. It is very easy to style your hair with this sexy hairstyle. With it, you feel very comfortable and confident. It can be worn on all types of occasions.

Cool Cut

4. Chic Short Layered Haircut: The chic length of layers on smooth and sleek hair looks very sophisticated, especially on oval face. Side bangs with this stylish hairstyle add to its attraction. It looks better on straight and silky hair.


Bob Cut

5. Short Curly Layered Hairstyle: A curly layer at the front swept to one side looks very stylish, and creates a funny element. It is also a hot and unique hairstyle that can enhance the beauty of your ordinary facial features. This hairstyle succeeds in getting the attention of people towards your beautiful eyes.


6. Naturally Wavy and Short Layered Hairstyle:  If you have naturally healthy and wavy hair, style it with layers. It will look like a vintage hairstyle, and will also render you a prettier look. Small bangs on the forehead will add to the beauty of this hairstyle.


7. Short Layered Pixie: Pixie is itself a stylish and sexy hairstyle. In order to make it yet more stylish, add short layers to it. These crispy layers will add texture and dimension to your hair. It looks better on women with super short hair, and makes them look very pretty.


8. Close-cut Crop Hairstyle: This fabulous hairstyle is perfect for those who have thick hair. If you are also one with voluminous hair, leave hair slightly longer in the crown area. This hairstyle will create the perfect amount of height while keeping little long bangs swept to one side at the front. This hairstyle works wonders for those with mature face.

Short Hairs

9. Edgy and Frisky Fringe: It is one of the most stylish and playful hairstyles. Longs layers at the front while keeping rest of the hair short look fabulous on those women who want to look bold and different from others. It will look yet trendier if you add vibrant color to these layers. Doing so will make you look funky.

Nice Hairstyle

10. Short Curly Layers: Get ready to look stylish, if you are a woman with short and curly hair. This is an amazing combination, and if you keep long layers with this type of hair, you will look awesome.


11. Short Hairstyle with Long Bangs: If you are a fashionable woman, you can’t ignore this trendy hairstyle. Bangs always add a cute and trendy touch to the strands. These long bangs while keeping rest of the hair short help you to achieve perfection in your beauty. It renders you a stylish and funky look.

Side Bangs

12. Spiky Layers On short Hair: You can also style your short hair with spiky layers in different directions. This ultra-modern hairstyle renders you a glamorous and super stylish look.

Cute Haircut

13. Keira Knightley Hairstyles: If you are a woman with short hair, then you should have a look of Keira Knightley hairstyles. It will leave you with a variety of short hairstyles, ranging from curly, straight and wavy. All these layered hairstyles frame your face, and highlight your facial features, eyes in particular.


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