Short Hairstyles for Black Women with Round Faces

Short hair is always appreciated for its fresh and young look. This length is credited for rendering women a young and sexy look. When it comes to black women, it seems that they love to wear short hair. Though these women are born sexy, short haircuts add movement to their bodies. When you go for a new and stylish hairstyle, you have to keep your face shape in consideration. There are so many hairstyles that look perfect on different face shapes. Modern short hairstyles for black women with round faces help in enhancing the sophistication of their faces and make them appear so gorgeous that many other fair women with long and medium hair get inspired by their looks.

Short haircut is supposed to be the choice of confident and bold women. At first, you may feel uncomfortable with your short haircut, but once you get habitual to it, you will fall in love with it. The best thing about these hairstyles is that they are very easy to make and maintain. This is why busy women always prefer short hairstyles. Besides, you don’t need to do much with your short hair for any special occasion. It looks perfect on every type of occasions. However, short haircuts look much better on women with round and fat faces. So, before going for any of these beautiful hairstyles, you should consult a professional hairdresser. He will suggest you a perfect hairstyle according to your face type. When it comes to hair colors, you can have fun with your short hair by applying different vibrant colors on it. Women with short hair have many options of hair colors that they can try according to their choice, physique, skin tone and of course the demand of occasion.

Well, here are several short hairstyles options for black women with round faces described in this article. Go through it, and get many exciting ideas to style yourself.

Fringe Hairstyle:

Fringe hair is a trendy and latest hairstyle that is appreciated for rendering women a sexy look. It looks like bangs, but there is a difference between both. All fringes can be bangs, but all bangs are not fringes. Bangs include a large part of hair on the forehead, whereas fringes are thin layers either on front or on sides. This particular hairstyle is very suitable for women with round faces. It renders women a classic look, especially when worn with narrow side layers. It looks great on every type of hair, whether straight, curly, wavy, blonde, black, platinum, red or so on.


Center Parted Bob:

Bob is yet another perfect option of hairstyle for black women with round faces. You have many options of bob hairstyle that you can wear according to your hair type and facial features. Stacked bob, edgy bob, blunt bob, simple bob, layered bob etc. All these types of bob hairstyles render women a sexy and classic look. Apart from this, if you style any of these hairstyles with bangs, it can make it look yet more beautiful. Well, center parted bob is also a great option for women with round faces. With this hairstyle, you will find you face rounder and prettier than before. Though bob hairstyle looks wonderful on every type of hair, blonde and platinum hair colors are more suitable for it. These two colors add to the sophistication of this classic hairstyle. However, it doesn’t mean that you can’t wear this hairstyle with any other hair color. Those who want to look trendier can apply vibrant colors as highlights on it. Bob with vibrant colors can make you look very striking. Thus, you have a bewildering range of bob hairstyle that you can wear according to the situation or demand of the occasion.


Bangs Hairstyle:

Bang is one such hairstyle that is combined with almost every hairstyle. It looks great on every type and length of hair. This classic hairstyle has its own charm and sophistication. You can wear blunt bangs on simple bob hairstyle. It looks much more striking on straight hair. It is a great option for women with round faces. Besides, you can also go for another type of bangs in which a part of hair is swept towards one side. It makes the most stylish and trendy hairstyle. One best thing about side swept hairstyle is that you can hide the wrinkles on your forehead. It also enables you to get the attention of people towards your beautiful eyes. You can wear it with any short and long hairstyle. If we talk about short hairstyles, combining it with pixie, shag, bob and fringe can change your appearance. You might also have seen many women wearing side or blunt bangs with their curly manes. Thus, it looks very pretty on every type of hair.

Short Bob

Pixie Hairstyle:

Pixie is yet another option for black women with round faces. In this sexy hairstyle, sides and back of the head are cut to a shorter length, while leaving slightly longer hair on the top. It is a tricky hairstyle for black women with round faces, as it makes a face rounder. Pixie hairstyle also offers various styles like edgy pixie, spiky pixie, side long layered pixie, pixie on curly hair, front layered pixie, shag with pixie, feathered pixie, side swept pixie and so on.To wear a short pixie hairstyle, all you need to have is inner confidence. If you feel confident and comfortable with it, you will look very sexy and bold. Since we are talking about black women, black hair is the best hair color to wear this hairstyle. However, you can also wear it on your blonde, brown any other type of hair. You can also pair his hairstyle with bangs. Both make a great combination together. Some women also like to add highlights and lowlights on this particular hairstyle to make it more stylish and fresh.


Super Short Haircut:

You might have seen many black women with super short hairstyle. It is also a good option for those with round faces. This super sexy hairstyle may give you a pretty as well as a sexy look. There are so many reasons behind the popularity of super short hairstyle. One, it is very easy to make and maintain; secondly it makes you feel very comfortable. Women also prefer this hairstyle because it looks perfect on every type of outfits. So, whether you are going out with your friends or any special or formal occasion, you can wear this hairstyle to look gorgeous. It is also not restricted to a particular age group, rather women of all age groups look awesome with this sexy hairstyle. You can also wear it on your straight as well as curly hair. All you need to keep in mind is your face shape, as it looks greater on round faces.


Short Braids:

Braids hairstyle is also a great option for black women with round faces. It is a traditional hairstyle of black people that look perfect on both men and women. It is wrong to say that braids are meant only for long hair, as we have seen many black people with short braids. So, if you are a woman with short hair, wear this traditional and sophisticated hairstyle. It is not that much complicated to make as it looks. All you need to do is practice. And if you are a creative personality, you can make different styles with these braids. It may render you a sexy and stylish look. You can wear it for any type of occasions, whether formal or casual. With this classic hairstyle, you can succeed in grabbing the attention of people wherever you go. It also makes you feel comfortable.

Short Hairs

Uneven Layers With Short Hair:

Black women are very concerned about their hairstyles. To look trendy and unique, they try different funky hairstyles. Uneven or asymmetrical layers hairstyle is the best option for such women. In this particular hairstyle, some layers are kept long while leaving rest of the hair short. You can wear these long layers either on front or sides. Some women also wear side combed hairstyle with long layers on one side and super short hair on another side. You can also keep long layers with pixie and bob hairstyles. It may give you a trendy and unique look. Applying vivid colors on these layers can make you look yet more stylish.

Round Face

Funky Hairstyles:

There are so many funky hairstyles that you can wear to have a unique look. Many black women are seen with side shaved head, punk hairstyle, asymmetrical layers, spunky top, side fringes, different emo hairstyles and so on. Coloring you hair with vivid wild hair colors is also great idea to have your desired look. It can make you the center of attention for everyone. However, before choosing a certain haircut and hair color, you should keep your face shape and skin tone in mind, as different hair colors and hairstyles look nice on different faces and shades.

Short Hair

Hair Coloring Ideas:

Short hair is one such length that you can have fun with. You can change your hairstyle without much effort and wasting much time. Applying different hair colors can also change your appearance overnight. Here are some hair coloring ideas that you can apply on your shirt tresses.

  1. Copper Red Hair Color: Copper red is a great hair color option for trendy black women. It renders your hair a royal and rich look. It looks very pretty on every type and lengths of hair.
  2. Blonde: Blonde is one such hair color that is known for rendering a rich or classic look. Blonde with brown makes a great combination. It is one of the most famous color ideas that render your hair a gorgeous and classy look. This combination is also called bronde.
  3. Black: Most of the black people are born with black hair. It looks wonderful on them. So, those who have natural black hair don’t need to do much with their hair. However, if you want to look a little fashionable, you should apply highlights on your hair. It may make you appear more striking than before.
  4. Burgundy Hair Color: Burgundy color is one of such amazing hair colors that make your hair look more stylish and happening. This color is available in various tones, ranging from light to dark shades that are suitable for all lengths and types of hair. The selection of a particular shade depends on the natural color of your hair.
  5. Highlights: Highlights are the colors that are brighter than the natural color of hair. Applying highlights on your short hair is also a good idea to enhance your beauty. You can also choose vibrant colors to have a trendy look. Different shades of red can make a mind blowing combination with black hair.
  6. Lowlights: Since lowlights are the colors lighter than the natural color of hair, you should go for it to brighten your face. These hair colors look perfect on those with dark faces. It may render you a sober and classic look. You can wear any short hairstyle with these light colors for any occasion.
  7. Funky Colors: Those who want to have funky looks can try vivid vibrant and wild colors on their hair. These uncommon and unique hair colors include green, blue, pink, and the combination of many colors that is called rainbow. All these hair colors can render you the most desired look.



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