Mysteries about Scary Urban Legends

Urban legends are referred to the tales that have been passed down to the families, town or province over the years. These legends evolve over the time and are presented as true stories. Urban legends generally follow modern terms and represent anomalies of the present world. They can be unexplained animals or alien encounters, thefts, murders or serial killings, cannibalism, bizarre videos or picture and even a blotched medical procedure. These legends are the cautionary tales with some peculiar plot. The most interesting are the scary urban legends.

They are spooky, but they are interesting and at the same time, they even can be yuck. No matter how eerie they are, no matter how much we avoid them, they are always present to keep up the interest of spectators and listeners.  The scary urban legends have strange kind of affinity to them. These legends are the thrilling stories, which have many folkloric elements to them. They become viral in a community and spread from mouths to ears.

These stories can be real, a true experience of a person, or they can be totally fabricated.  These scary urban legends have capabilities of creating horrifying circumstances, which make an audience stick to the stories.  This is the reason why many movies take inspiration from the story line of these scary urban legends.

These stories are confined to the local areas and the elements of that particular place or things around the place are related to the story. These stories get popularity as per the intensity in the story line. Strangely, the backdrop of the stories around the world changes but the storyline remains same in most of the legends. Some of the urban legends make warnings and compel a community to propagate a message among humankind.

These legends are scary, many people avoid such stories they cannot even think of themselves in this kind of eerie situation, but many still like it. These creepy scary urban legends have been the cause of sleepless nights to many. Still, there is a strong following of people to these stories. What could be possible reason for people to like these stories? Well, many people like to get scared.

Like To Be Scared

Thrill excites everyone. Most of the people like to be or imagine being in an extreme situation that could be gruesome and spooky. Scary stories somewhere add thrill to our life. These stories occupy mind so much so that one starts imaging to be in that situation and start relating to the stories. This is something like experiencing extreme adventure sport like bungee jump or a sky fall. It is scary, gets heart popped out, but most of the people like to test themselves in the apex extremity of the situation. After all, adrenaline rush is always followed by pleasure.

As the narration of the story goes on, you like the thrill behind the story and that scary feeling. Also, in a threatening situation, the inner strength and our capabilities to fight back the threat increase. Not just the strength, your sixth sense or the level of the intuitive power goes up many times. There is a drastic increase in the mental and physical capabilities, which is precisely called the adrenaline rush. The one you experience when you are in the giant roller coaster, it is as dreadful as if you are losing your life.

There is a reason, why the scary movies and the games have a huge fan following. It’s a feeling as if you’re fighting a lion in the jungle. This situation is so compelling that you get a thrilling experience with in your comfort zone and security.

The scary urban legends can clearly put you into the backdrop of the times when the incident occurred. They linger on to your mind forever; keep you engrossed into the time and the place where the characters lived. These legends make you think of the horror and scary movies based on these urban legends. Imagine something as gruesome as Wrong Turn, Evil Dead and as scary as Ring, Shutter or The Grudge.

 Are They True?

There can be a huge debate on these stories, whether they are true or fabricated. The ultimate fact is that they keep us glued on to them. They are very entertaining and excite the listeners and the spectators. The movies, picture and videos inspired by these urban legends are extremely famous and have an enormous following in almost all age groups.

There are many such creepy urban legends famous around the globe, which have being keeping the thrill on with their fans. Some of these legends are captured below:

The Suicidal Boyfriend

There are many variations given to this movie with a message that “Don’t go away too far from the safe home”. Here is the Paris version of the story from 60’s. The boyfriend and girlfriend both are way from home, on a date. They chose a jungle for their romantic escapade. The boy decides to move out of the car and smoke a cigarette, girl waits for him to return. After a while, she tries to find him, but suddenly she gets into eerie situation and finds a shadow of man following her. She runs towards the car and drives away. As she starts her car, she hears faint squeak, followed by more squeak.

This goes on for few seconds, but girl decides to go on. Ultimately, she realizes that no matter how hard she presses the gas she could not move the car to anywhere.  Someone has tied the car bumper to the rope. She tries hard on the gas and finally hears a scream, she gets out of the car and find a boyfriend hanging from, the tree. She realizes that her boyfriend’s shoes made the squeaky noise

The Alien Abduction

The urban legends related to the aliens have strange eerie aura to it. Over the years, here are many alien abduction stories that have taken the breath away of many. One of such stories is the Fortunato Zanfretta’s abduction story. This is the most famous urban legends from Italy for past decade.

According to Zanfretta, while under hypnosis, he was abducted by the aliens called dragos from the planet Teetonia. He claimed that he was time and gain abducted by these aliens for several years (1978-1981). This abduction had more of optimistic backdrop to it. Zanfretta gave more details about hi venture with alien than anyone in the history. His story is one of the most fascinating ‘x-files’ around the globe.

The Slit-Mouthed Woman

The legend from Japan and China, this is a story about a girl called Kuchisake-Onma alias slit-mouthed woman. Myth or truth, it was said that she wasa samurai’s wife.  She betrayed her husband for a younger and a better-looking man. The betrayal when discovered by her husband made him furious and enraged. He could not control and took his sword and slit the mouth of her wife ear-to-ear.

There is a way that woman was cursed to never die. It is said that she still wanders around so that people get to see her horrible scar, pity her and learn a lesson from her.

It is also said that people sometimes she her as pretty face, she asks a question to all, “Am I pretty”? If they say yes, she would rip off her surgical mask and show them her horrible face. Then she would ask the same question again and if they do not react positively she would kill them.

White Death

This is a story of a little girl from Scotland; she hated life and wanted to destroy everything that belonged to her. She ultimately committed suicide, and shortly her family found out what is exactly had done.

There was an appalling twist in the story. Later it was found that all her family members were strangely found dead, only few days later her death. It was found that their limbs were found torn apart.

It was said that when the White death would find you, then the girl’s ghost would come, knock on your door. She would knock herd and each knock gets harder until you open the door. She kills you in an insecurity of you telling other’s about her existence. Moral of the story could be,it is always better to know who standing behind the door is before you open it.

Elisa Day

From the times of medieval Europe, there apparently lived a young woman named as Elisa day. She was as beautiful as wild roses, bloody and red. Then there came a young man who instantly fell in love with her. They dated each other for three days. On the first he visited her house. On second day, he gave her roses and asked her to meet him where the wild roses grew, down the river. On third day, he took her down to the river and killed her.  He waited till her back turned to him, took a rock and hit her hard on her head after he whispered “All beauties Must Die”. He placed a rose between her teeth and slid her body into the river. It is claimed that some still see her ghost wandering by the riverside, with blood running down her head and a single rose in her hand.

The Cry Baby Bridge

As per the legend, there was a couple driving home from church along with their baby, arguing on something. There was a torrential rain and soon they found themselves driving over the flooded bridge.  They carried on and soon realized that the water was deeper than they thought; they got stuck and came out of the car for help they left the car and ran for their life. They almost forgot to take their baby along, when the woman heard the cry of baby she ran back towards the car, it was too late, when she turned back she eater taking away her child. It is said that people can still hear the cry of baby as pass over the bridge.

Most of these stories have a message to convey, myth or real, these stories have being passed down to us to stay alert and make us avoid doing wrong things in the society. Somewhere they speak for unlawful and sinful indulgence, atrocities and barbarism never have successful conclusions. They linger onto our society, and are transferred from generation to generation as a lesson for all to learn.


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Red Cloak Red Mantle

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Hanako San Of The Toilet

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The Killer Phone Call

The Suicidal Boyfriend

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