Scariest Places on Earth to Visit

Have you ever visited a place where you heard horrifying screams of a woman?Ever seen shadows and heard footsteps chasing you? Did those yells and sights make your body shiver? You might have heard about The Mines of Paris, Aokigahara Suicide Forest and Shades of Death Roads. When we hear the names of these places, the images of ghosts, witches, dead bodies and their screams come in our mind.  Some of the most scariest places on earth include names like Stanley Hotel, Tower of London, The Skirrid Inn, Rose Hall, Edinburgh Castle, Pluckley Kent, Hashima Island Japan etc.

The world is full of miracles and beautiful places, but it can also be terrifying. There are some places on the earth that look very beautiful from outside, but when you go inside, you find yourself in the hell. The beauty of such places attracts people to visit them. So, when you plan to go out on your vacations, make sure to avoid the scary paces that can make your trip horrible. Here is a list of some scariest places on earth. Have a look.

Stanley Hotel:

Stanley is a famous scary hotel located in Estes Park, Colorado. It was built by Freelan Oscar Stanley of Stanley Steamer and opened on July 4, 1909. The horror novelist Stephen King, after visiting the place got inspired to write a novel (The Shinning) on it.

The employees of this hotel have reported to have heard the parties going on in the ballroom. They also reported hearing the voice of playing piano in the same room. Some have also seen a man sitting on the beds of guest rooms. Many guests have also reported theft of their jewelry, luggage and watches from their rooms. The hotel staff has also observed the voices of children running and playing on the floor above.

Stanley Hotel

Tower of London:

Tower of London, originally known as Her Majesty’s Royal Palace and Fortress is located on the north bank of the River Thames in central London, England.

The place is also famous for its horrifying stories. It is believed that the ghost of Anne Boleyn, who was beheaded by Henry VIIl for betrayal walks around the Tower of London. Some also say that she walks around it carrying her head under the arms. The Tower is located near the place where she was buried. The imagination of such a terrible sight makes our body shivering.

Tower of London

Woodchester Mansion:

Woodchester Mansion, originally known as Spring Park is located near Nympsfield in Woodchester, England.

It is believed that the place was the house of Ducie family. The Spring Park was demolished by William Leigh to construct the mansion. Nowadays, a tall man is reported to have seen at the gate and cellar of the mansion. Sometimes, a horseman is also seen on the mansion’s drive. It is one of the scariest places of United Kingdom where many guests have been attacked by the apparitions.

Woodchester Mansion

The Parisian Catacombs:

The Parisian Catacombs is an underground grave in Paris, France, which is believed to hold the remains of about six million people. Earlier, the place was opened for the tourists, but it was closed in 2009 after an incident of destruction. In December, 2009, it was reopened for the tourist attraction.

The Parisian Catacombs

The Skirrid Inn:

The Skirrid Inn is a public house in a small village of Wales. The first floor of this inn is believed to be used as a court. People found guilty for any crime were given capital punishment in the same floor while hanging them. Many paranormal activities have been reported in this inn. It has also been featured in many TV haunted serials.

The Skirrid Inn

Rose Hall:

Rose Hall was built by John Palmer in early 1770s. It is locate in Jamaica, Georgia. The wife of Palmer, Anie Palmer is believed to haunt this mansion. It is said that Anie first murdered his husband and many slaves, and later she was killed by one of her slaves. The place has become haunted since then.

Rose Hall

Borley Rectory:

Borley Rectory is the most haunted place of England. It was built in 1862, and demolished in 1944 due to the damage caused by fire. In this rectory, many puzzling and supernatural incidents like the voice of unexplained footsteps inside the house, images of a nun who got disappeared and the horrifying scenes of horsemen without heads have been reported.

Borley Rectory

Edinburgh Castle:

Edinburgh Castle is a famous haunted spot of Edinburgh, Scotland. Many visitors have reported of a ghost piper, a headless rhythmist, the spirits of French prisoners from the Seven Years War and colonial prisoners from the American Revolutionary War, and the most interesting and horrifying, the ghost of a dog wandering in the groun’s dog cemetery.

Edinburgh Castle


Bhangarh is a town located between Jaipur and Delhi, India, which was built in 1613. It is famous for a haunted fort called Bangarh. It is believed that a magician was in love with the princess of this fort Ratnavati. He used his black magic on the oil Ratnavati’s maid was purchasing for her. When she pours the whole bottle on the ground, the magician and many other who dwelt it died. The next day, the princess also died in a war. Since then, many uncommon incidents had been reported in this fort. Now it remains closed for the visit of tourists after the sunset and before the sunrise.


Pluckley Kent:

Pluckley is a small village in Kent district of England. This place is reputed to be one of the most haunted spots of England. Many times, various uncommon incidents have been observed here.

Pluckley Kent

The Island of the Dolls Mexico:

The Island of the Dolls Mexico is located in the canals south of Mexico City. The Dolls Island is dedicated to the lost soul of a little girl who died at a very early age. Various dolls hanging on the trees near a canal are believed to please the soul of a little girl whose dead body was found near the canal with her doll. These dolls become haunted during night.

The Island of the Dolls Mexico

Hashima Island Japan:

Hashima Island Japan is known to be the most haunted place of Nagasaki city. Mitsubishi is believed to be the owner of this island during 1890s. He used to force the prisoners to execute the most dangerous coal mines work. Many of them died due to poor living conditions and coal mining incident. After the atomic bomb attack, the place was closed for the visit of tourists. It was reopened in 2009.

Hashima Island Japan

The Hill of Crosses Lithuania:

The Hill of Crosses is a place in Lithuania that was once used to pray for the people died in Lithuanian-Russian war in 1831. The people could not find the dead bodies of their family members. So, they started putting up the symbolic crosses in place of a former hill fort. Since then, this place was used by the Lithuanian to pray for the peace for their country.

The Hill of Crosses Lithuania

Aokigahara Japan:

Aokigahara Japan is located at the North West base of Mount Fuji in Japan. The place is famous for suicide attempts. In 2003, hundreds of dead bodies were found in the forests of Aokigahara. Every year, the toll is increasing, but the government has stopped publicizing the number of dead bodies now.

Aokigahara Japan

Pripyat Ukraine:

Pripyat Ukraine is an abandoned city in northern Ukraine. The city was evacuated due to the explosion of a nuclear power plant in which many people died.

Pripyat Ukraine

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