(Updated) Presidia Creative to Change Domain

(Update) The domain change is complete, so make sure you change your bookmarks.  We are currently working to redirect all post requests to the new blog (ie, requesting http://www.presidiastudios.com/blog/out-of-this-world-1-planet-tutorials-and-inspiration/ will redirect to http://www.presidiacreative.com/out-of-this-world-1-planet-tutorials-and-inspiration/).  Anyways, happy reading again, and please help publicize the site by telling everyone you know.

At some point tomorrow (hopefully), Presidia Creative will be changing domains from http://www.presidiastudios.com/blog/ to http://www.presidiacreative.com (there’s nothing there yet, just giving a notice to everyone in advance).  Since the blog has taken off rather well, Presidia decided to dedicate a domain to the blog.  This transition should go smoothly and should not affect blog readers, as the blog will merely be transferred, pointers set up to redirect old posts, and Feedburner will be updated accordingly.  However, we request that you be patient with the changeover, and to update your blog readers if necessary once the new domain is set up.  Hopefully we see you over there!

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