Trendy Nose Piercing

5. Don’t be Hurry to Wear Nose Jewelry: During the healing process, you can’t even think about changing the nose jewelry. Until it gets healed properly, keep wearing the piercing bar bell. When there will be no redness and itching in your nose piercing, you can wear nose jewelry like a tiny nose ring. Also, don’t wear a heavy ring, it can cause problems to the wound.


6. Consult a Doctor: If the nose piercing is not healing or taking more time than it usually takes, immediately consult a doctor. May be there is some problem in your skin. Don’t try to ignore it, as it can further lead to major nasal problems.



Nice Piecring


Nose Piecring


Cool Piecring

Nice Shot




To conclude, it can be said that like earlobe, nose piercing has also become a widespread fashion across the world. People are growing crazy to pierce their bodies with different designs. In nose piercing too, there are several types of piercing. They include nostril piercing, septum piercing, vertical nose tip piercing, bridge piercing and nasallang piercing. All these type of piercing are not very painful, but takes a lot of time to heal. All you need to do is to take a good care of your piercing, especially during healing process. You should keep it free from the exposure of harsh chemicals used in different beauty and hair products. Besides, the best way to keep your piercing safe is to wash it with salty water twice a day. You can also use chamomile tea bag compress or tea tree oil to heal the wound. With a proper care, there will be no chances of infection and it will also make piercing look clean and free from redness. And if the healing process is taking more time it should take, immediately consult a doctor, and follow the directions.

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