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Though nose piercing is associated with India, Pakistan, Nepal and South Asia, it has become a widespread fashion across the world. Both men and women have nose piercings, but it suits better on women. It may be a new trend for western people, but in many parts of the world, it is an old tradition.

The tradition of wearing nose stud or ring began in India in 16th century during the Mughal period. It is regarded as a mark of beauty and social standing as well as a Hindu’s honor to Parvati, the goddess of marriage in Indian culture. This belief is still popular in India, and therefore is an important part of a girl’s marriage outfit. Indian women after the death of their husbands remove their nose rings as a mark of respect.

Nowadays, women in many parts of the world wear nose rings as a fashion statement. It looks cool on everyone. Even men like to pierce their noses to look trendy. Thus, nose piercing has become a very popular and common trend after earlobe piercing. You can pierce your nose with a variety of ways. The most common and popular types of nose piercing is the nostril piercing on either the left or right side. Apart from this, there are various other ways to pierce the nose. Brief explanation of different types of nose piercing:

1. Nostril Piercing: In this type of piercing, nose is pierced either on the right or the left side. Left side of nose is more popular for piercing, but many men and women can also be seen with right side piercing. Though both look cool, you need to consider your face to ensure that a particular location for piercing will suit you the best. Nostril piercing is a very simple procedure, and it also causes lesser pain than any other part of the face. The healing time may be a little difficult, as you will find it painful to touch or blow your nose. With a proper care, the wound will heal very soon, and it will also reduce the chances of infection. On the other hand, if you don’t take proper care and keep your nose clean, you will have to face many problems. Once the wound is okay, you can also wear a tiny nose ring. It will enhance the grace of your face. It is also very safe and easy to wear.


2. Septum Piercing: Septum piercing is also called as ‘bull nose’ piercing. It is one of the least painful types of piercing. In this type of piercing, first of all nose is cleaned with antiseptic. After it, sweet spots of the nose are pierced, and the clamps are placed onto them. In septum piercing, needle goes through skin, not bone or cartilage. With the use of sweet spots, the wall between right and left septum is pierced. Horseshoes and captive rings are the most popular jewelry used for septum piercing. If the piercer is not an experienced and expert person, the chances of wrong piercing are more. It can cause unbearable pain and infection too. However, if you get your nose pierced with a professional piercer, there are lesser chances of pain and infection. The healing process can be a little complicated, but with a proper care and cleanliness, the wound will heal very soon.

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3. Bridge Piercing: Bridge piercing is also known as Earl piercing after the name of its first recipient, Erl Van Aken. It is a horizontal bar across the bridge if the nose, and between the eyes. Straight, curved barbels and surface bars are possible jewelry to wear on bridge piercing. Many people have a misconception about bridge piercing that it is not comfortable. However, it is not true, because after the healing process you will be habitual of it. It will also not interfere with the wearing of sunglasses. The healing process usually takes eight to twelve weeks. And during this process, you need to keep this portion free from the contact of harsh cleansers and hair products. Aftercare of bridge piercing is also very important, as any carelessness can cause severe nasal problems.


4. Nasallang Piercing: It is very rare type of piercing. It is the combination of nostril and septum piercings. In this type of piercing, nose is pierced from one nostril to another horizontally. Straight bar bell is the most suitable nose jewelry for Nasallang piercing.

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5. High Nostril Piercing: High nostril piercing is usually below the bridge of the nose and above the nostril. This type of piercing needs more care and cleanliness than any other type of piercing. The healing process of this piercing is also longer than other types of piercing. Usually, it takes two to six months to heal. Both men and women can be seen with this type of nose piercing.


6. Vertical Nose Tip Piercing: Vertical nose tip is also a rare and very uncommon type of nose piercing. In this type of piercing, the tip of the nose is pierced with a long and straight bar bell. It can also be very painful if you don’t take a proper care during healing process.


How to Take Care of Nose Piercing:

Piercing your nose is not a big deal. It is done within a couple of minutes. The thing that actually matters is the aftercare of your nose piercing. Besides, there are various others things that you need to take into account to have a safe nose piercing. These are:
1. Choose a Professional Piercer: When you decide to get your nose pierced, don’t forget to choose a right person for this purpose. Try to approach a talented and experienced piercer, who will tell you about different types of piercing, and what will suit you the most. An expert piercer better knows to find out the right location for piercing. It will also reduce the chances of any type of damage and infection. So, whenever you go to get your nose pierced, visit a well-known piercing studio.

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2. Clean the Piercing: Keeping your nose piercing clean is also very important to avoid the chances of infection. You need to clean the wound with salty water twice a day. Make use of a cotton to clean it gently. Also, follow the hygienic directions of the piercer, such as do not touch the piercing until you wash your hands properly. If you do so, the germs on your hands can give rise to infection in your nose. So, make sure to be hygienic.


3. Avoid Harsh Chemicals: During the healing process, you are advised to keep the piercing free from harsh chemicals like hair products. It can cause itching and infection in your nose. Try to be very careful while bathing, and washing your mouth. Sea salt soaks, chamomile tea bag compress, tree oil dap and the aspirin paste are some useful remedies for nose piercing bump.


4. Avoid Makeup: When you get your nose pierced, try to avoid your regular makeup. The chemicals used in different beauty products can cause irritation in your nose piercing. It can also lead to infection in your nose. So, in order to avoid such painful situation, it will be better for you to give a sacrifice of heavy makeup. Indeed, you are required to wash the wound regularly with salty water.


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