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Are you looking for a gorgeous and beautiful look for any special event? Well, nail art can add flair to your look. There are several nail polish designs that you can create yourself even at home. A beautiful nail art enables a woman get the attention of people. With a variety of vibrant colors and designs on nails, a woman looks very attractive and pretty.

So, if you want to become a center of attraction for people, paint your nails with various latest and beautiful designs. Well shaped and decorated nails speak of your health consciousness. It is also a representation of your creative or artistic skills. Since nails play a key role in beautifying your look, you should take a special care of this part. To accomplish this, you don’t need to spend a lot of time and money. With a little bit creativity and practice, you can do it yourself. You have a variety of options of nail art designs to wear on different outfits and occasions. It will save your time and money as well. In order to have more ideas about different nail polish designs, go through this article. It will give you many exciting ideas on how to do manicure with easy and creative nail art designs. Take a look.

1. White Floral Nail Art Design: This nail polish design is more suitable for those who want a sober and elegant look. It also looks great on brides, as the color and design match perfectly with the bridal dress. To create this design, first of all apply a coat of nail shiner. When it gets dry, paint the tips of your long nails with white color. Now make a white flower at the center while decorating with a golden nail polish. This fancy nail art will enhance the grace of your nails and hands as well.


2. Pink and Black Leopard Nails: The skin of the leopard is a famous nail art design. It enables you to get the attention of people, especially when created artistically. You can create this print with any color of your choice. Pink is very soft and feminine color. So, paint your nails with this beautiful color. When it gets dry, create the print of a leopard’s body on it. Make use of black color for this print, and after it, apply a top coat to make the design shiny. This design will render your hands a pretty look.

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3. Long Black Leaves: It is also a simple and lovely nail polish design. To get it on your pretty hands, first of all apply a light white color on the tips, and soft pink on rest of the nail. When it gets dry, create long leaves from tips to end with black color. To make this design yet more stylish, put rhinestone stones on the leaves. It will make your long nails look very attractive.

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4. Polka Dots Manicure: Dots on nail are simple to create and also render your hand an elegant look. First of all, give all the nails a common base color. Then apply other colors to make dots on it. Make sure to use different and opposite colors so that your dotting design can be quite visible. You can create this design with two colors, or can also use more than two colors. However, if you want to give your nails simple and stylish look, make use of two colors only; otherwise it will become very complicated.


5. Heart Shaped Tips: To create this beautiful design, you need three color, red, black and white. Apply red nail paint as a base color on your nails, except the tips. After it, paint the tips with black color, outlined with white color. Make sure to frame the tips in heart shape. In order to make this design fancier, create a small flower at the center. It will make your hands look very pretty and attractive.


6. Diagonal half Nails: Diagonal half nails design is also a famous nail art. It is not very complicated design. You just need to apply two opposite colors diagonally on your nails. Remember, the colors you choose should be very bright, so that it may be quite visible. This design also doesn’t require a lot of time and efforts.

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7. Snowflakes Design: Snowflakes are a cool nail art design that renders your hands a sophisticated look. To create this nail design, you need to buy black and white nail polishes. Use black nail polish as a base color, and when it gets dry, make snowflakes on it. If you want simple and pretty design, don’t make it very complicated. Create one or two snowflakes on each nail. It will look very beautiful and stylish on your hands.

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8. Bow Nails: Some women also create bows on their nails. It is again one of the simple and stylish nail designs. Apply nail shiner on your nails, and then make a bow with black color in different sizes and directions. It will be better to create this bow with black color, as it will render your nails an elegant look.

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9. Manicure with Several Colors: If you have a talent of playing with colors, do manicure with multiple nail paints. With the shades of several vibrant colors, create a detailed nail design. However, make sure that your multiple colored nail design makes a sense. It should look beautiful on your hands.


10. Zebra Nail Polish Design: It is one of the most famous and easy nail art designs. To create it, you just need two colors, silver and black. Apply silver nail paint as a base color, and when it gets dry, draw diagonal lines with black color. It is very easy to make this nail design. It also looks great on every outfit.

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11. Feather Nail Art: Nowadays, feather is a famous nail art design. This design is not as tough to make as it appears. You just need to paint your nail with a light color. After it, put a feather on the wet nail, so that it may get create a design. After some time, trim that feather in your nail shape, and when gets dry, apply a top coat on it. If created excellently and with perfection, it looks natural and very beautiful.



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