Creative Nail Art Designs

Have you ever wondered how celebrities get such excellent nail art? Well, you can too adorn your natural long nails with different nail art designs. With these designs, you will be able to get the much desired attention of people.

Every woman wants to look attractive, and what could be better if people appreciate her long and well-designed nails. Nails are one of the most important parts of a woman’s appearance. Like all other body parts, it also plays a vital role in enhancing her beauty.

Now question arises how to design your nails. Well, to adorn your nails excellently, you need to have some creative skills. The artists draw inspiration from pop culture, music, cartoons and anything else they see around them. Nail art designs mix their creativity with elegant patterns, and make nails much more adorable. So, if you too want to make your nails the most valuable accessory to your outfit, style them with different creative designs. These designs range from simple to complicated and hot. To have more idea about various beautiful nail art designs, go through this article. It will tell you how to decorate your nails with a little bit creativity, and without going to any salon. Have a look.



1. Animal Prints: Animal nail designs are very famous and easy to create. Animal prints like leopard and zebra are very creative and look very cute on nails. Besides, if you like something more creative and complicated, create the images of your favorite animals on your nails. All you need to do is practice. You must have the talent of thinking creatively and playing with different colors. The designs vary according to the animals, you creating the impression of. However, all these nail art designs have one thing in common that they look very pretty and cute on your nails.


2. Floral nail Designs: Floral nail designs are also very famous, as they come in a variety of designs. Hibiscus, wildflower, sunflower, Susan flower, tulip, orchid, rose are some most famous flower designs that you can create on your nails. The selection of colors depends on the natural color of the flowers. These designs are not as tough to make as it appears. You just need to have some creative skills and patience. All these designs look very beautiful on your nails.


3. Cross Nail Art: Cross nail art is a very easy design, and also looks great on your nails. You can either create a sign of small cross or can also make a big one covering the whole nail. The nail colors should be bright, so that it can be visible. Apart from this, you can also do a crisscross art design, in which multiple colors are overlapped. The colors are vibrant, and therefore look very striking.


4. Braid Nail Art: Braid nail art design is also very striking and easy to make. This nail design is created with three colors, overlapping each other. Remember, the color combination you choose should be bright, so that it may look like a tail.


5. Heart shaped Design: Heart shape nail design is again a famous design. It is also very easy to do. You just need to create small hearts with red nail paint on your nails. If you outline these hearts with black color, it will look yet more striking and beautiful. You can either create it alone or can also combine with other designs. It looks pretty on your nails and enhances the beauty of your hands.


6. Lace Nail Art Designs: Lace designs are very beautiful nail art. They are created in a variety of designs and sizes. However, if you do it on the half nail, instead of full nail, it looks very lovely. First of all, apply a coat of a bright color, e.g. pink color. When it gets dry, apply a lace design on it with a dark color like black. Your hands will look fantastic, if you do this design in different directions and sizes. The lace design can be a little difficult to create, if you don’t have practice. However, if created brilliantly, it looks like henna on the hands.


7. Digital Nail Art: It is a cool nail art design. First of all, apply a coat of white nail paint on your nails, and let it dry completely. Now divide the whole nail with a black striper pen. Fill all the spaces with different colors, leaving some spaces white. This nail design looks very beautiful, if created with perfection. It also doesn’t require a lot of hard work. You can do it easily at home only.


8. Bow Nails: Some women also create bows on their nails. It is again one of the simple and stylish nail designs. Apply nail shiner on your nails, and then make a bow with black color in different sizes and directions. It will be better to create this bow with black color, as it will render your nails an elegant look.


9. Feather Nail Art: Nowadays, feather is a famous nail art design. This design is not as tough to make as it appears. You just need to paint your nail with a light color. After it, put a feather on the wet nail, so that it may get create a design. After some time, trim that feather in your nail shape, and when gets dry, apply a top coat on it. If created excellently and with perfection, it looks natural and very beautiful.


10. Stripes Nail Art: Stripes look very attractive on your nails. To create this beautiful design, you need to divide your nail with two vibrant colors. Once it is done, draw thin lines on the tips and the boundary of two colors. It can be drawn vertically, horizontally or diagonally. It is also an easy and pretty nail art design that enhances the grace of your hands.


11. Christmas Nail Art Design: You can celebrate this Christmas adorning your nails with this particular nail design. To create this stylish design, you need two colors, red and white. You can create different designs on different nails, all depicting the message of merry Christmas. The designs may be the image of Santa clause, texts like Christmas, tree etc. All these designs look great on your beautiful nails or hands.





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