The Complete List of Batman Villains

Gotham City, once the grounds of organized crimes, now lives under the protection of this superhero who calls himself Batman. Batman is the secret identity of Bruce Wayne who is an orphan billionaire and owner of the Wayne Enterprises. His parents were killed by some local thugs when he was a child. He was raise by their butler Alfred Pennyworth. So, Bruce decided to fight against crime that is prevailing in his city and became a masked superhero of his city. The list of batman villains carry a lot of big names and these are the one who have played a vital role in making batman a big starer.

Like other superheroes, Batman does not possess any superpower but is willed and determined to fight crime in his city. He took special training under his mentor Ra’s al Ghul but later found that Ra’s was not a good man and thus he left him and started fighting against crime after returning back to Gotham.

In order to clean his city from crime, Batman has made many enemies that want to rule his city by spreading their terror over the city. So, to save his city Batman has to fight these villains of the Gotham City.


The Joker: Known for a purple three piece suit and makeup this clown is the master of chaos and one of arch-enemies of the Batman. The true origin of this villain is a mystery and is not known to anyone. He is considered by various comic book fans as the greatest villain of all times. With scar marks carved in shape of a smile on his face makes him look like a maniac and so does his signature line, “Why so serious?”


Hush: Bruce Wayne’s childhood friend Dr. Thomas Elliot is another enemy of Batman as well as Bruce Wayne. Elliot who tried to kill his parents was stopped by Bruce’s father. Hush also knows about the true identity of Batman and is thus set out to destroy both Bruce Wayne and Batman.

Jason Todd

Jason Todd: The second Robin, Jason who was once Batman’s ally was brutally killed by the Joker in a warehouse. Many years after his death, Jason rise from the dead and used his skills taught by Batman as an anti-hero. Jason uses Red Hood, a former Joker identity to walk on his path of redemption.


The Scarecrow: The Scarecrow or Professor Jonathan Crane, who is specialized the nature of fear is a Psychologist. He dresses wearing a mask as that of a scarecrow and is also an enemy of Batman. He invented the fear gas as a weapon which stimulates a phobia into his victims and uses this weapon in his crimes. However like Batman he also has a fear of bats.


The Riddler: Often seen carrying a question mark cane with him, Riddler also knows the true identity of Batman. However like Jason he also has not revealed Batman’s identity to anyone. Edward Nigma aka Riddler is a criminal mastermind who leaves clues to his crimes for Batman. He has a strange compulsion to challenge Batman and thus leaves word puzzles or riddles for Batman at the crime scenes.


Owlman: Owlman is not originally a villain of Gotham but was introduced in Justice League as an evil doppelganger of Batman from an alternate universe. Owl man is the member of Crime Syndicate of America, a crime organization.


Bane: Born and raised in Pena Duro prison, Bane has enormous strength which he gets from a steroid named Venom. He is also popularly known as “The man who broke the bat” because he once broke Batman’s back. Bane had to spend his childhood in prison as his mother was pregnant when she was sent to the prison for the crimes of his father. Bane wears a mask to hide his wounds he got in a fight in the prison.

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