Horizontal Tongue Piercing

Tongue piercing has become the most popular fashion trends of the modern time and more and more people trying this unisexual body modification technique. Horizontal tongue piercing is one of the exceptional ways to get your tongue pierced. This piercing is a bit different from the traditional scoop piercing and certainly involves a great amount of risk and pain. If you opt for a horizontal tongue piercing there are certain things that you must know about it. The tongue is pierced through the sides unlike the scoop ones, where the stem passes through the short part of the tongue. Let us know more about this interesting piercing information in detail in the following paragraphs.

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How is the Piercing Done:-

The scoop piercing is an ancient traditional way to show devotion and sacrifice to the spiritual powers and was a part of various ancient cultures. However, the horizontal piercing is the modern tongue piercing technique and is completely different from the traditional way. In this piercing technique, the piercer marks out the piercing spots on the tongue and clamp it using a forceps. Now with help of a needle he will thread the balls or the jewelry from one end to the other in a curved motion. Once the needle gets passed away from the ends, it is followed by the jewelry stems that will remain permanently attached to the tongue.


 Type of Jewelry:-

One of the most important things that one should keep in mind about horizontal tongue piercing is the selection of jewelry.  The most preferred ones are the stems with plastic ends or metal stems with balls. The problem with plastic stem is that it requires regular movement and needs to be changed after a certain time period. Metal stems can stay for a longer period and are more reliable in case of horizontal tongue piercing. The best options in metal stems are the one with stainless steel or titanium coating. However, if the metal balls and stem are over weighed it can cause difficulties while eating, speaking or even swallowing. Therefore, the selection of the jewelry should be done specifically and if you want to add bigger stem in the tongue, you need to add the weights with the time. More importantly, the choice of your stem also describes the amount of risk and care you need to take for it.  In order to clean the piercing you need to first wash your hands with antiseptic soap and then use dab sea salt with mild anti-microbial soap to clean the jewelry.


Pain in Horizontal Piercing:-

Whether you go for a scoop piercing or the horizontal one, amount of pain in this procedure is quite higher than the other body piercing. The reason behind it is the sensitivity your tongue has and with some of the most important body functions done by this sense organ, recovery becomes more difficult. This is why most people don’t find tongue piercing comfortable and are afraid of the pain associated with the piercing. Normally, like the piercing technique for ear and nose, the initial steps while getting the tongue horizontally pierced doesn’t hurt much. However, once the piercing has been done the amount of pain can increase rapidly. This is due to the addition of a foreign body in one of the most sensitive body parts. In a matter of time, the tongue will get swelled up and can even get double than its original thickness. Generally, the swelling takes about ten to fifteen days to get into the normal position, but you can make the healing process faster with some easy home remedies.


Healing the Pierced Tongue:-

The long time period that is related to the healing process of a pierced tongue can be a topic for concern as a wounded tongue can influence you eating and talking. Normally, the healing of pierced tongue gets completed in a time period of two weeks, but if you follow some basic healing rules properly, the time period gets short by a couple of days. The first thing that you need to keep in mind is the eating habits. While eating or chewing the chances of getting the tongue infected and injured are much greater. However, the chance of developing a tongue infection is minimal because of the bacteria killing enzyme present in the mouth. Therefore, a professional piercer will always recommend you to clean your mouth with a non-alcoholic mouthwash as it keeps away the infection and will help in quick healing. In order to reduce the swelled tongue faster you need to use anti- inflammatory lozengeor ibuprofen which prevents the infections and help relieve swelling and promote healing process. Until and unless the tongue gets fully recovered, never try to remove the jewelry stem as it can cause infection in mouth. However, if you notice the white formation around the stem, there is nothing to be afraid about. This probably is the collection of white blood cells which are healing the wound quickly. The best way to reduce the swelling quickly is with an ice cube placed over the tongue. It will help in killing the bacterial infections and will also leave a soothing affected on the swelled up tongue.


Care After the Piercing:-

An important thing that one needs to do is to look after the tongue carefully.  A pierced tongue is more of fresh wound, so the better curing techniques you make at the starting will help you recover fast. After your tongue piercing you need to avoid drinks with alcohol, caffeine and food items that are spicy, acidic and hot. If you smoke a lot, you need to cut on it because they can delay the healing period and can even cause serious mouth infections.  As the tongue will be swelled to double its actual size, you will have tough time while chewing anything. So avoid chewing gums and include juices and soups to your meals during the healing period.  Even after the meals, you need to clean your mouth properly so that the risk of mouth infection doesn’t cause problem for the pierced tongue. Therefore, you need to clean the mouth from alcohol and fluoride free mouthwash as alcohol can cause burning sensation in the fresh wound.


Some Important Things:-

Horizontal tongue piercing can ask for more healing period and the amount of care required for it is certainly a bit more than what you expect in a scoop piercing. You need to have a regulated diet chart and include food items like ice-creams, frozen yogurt, crushed ice and cold coffee to make the swelled tongue recover fast. During the recovery period talking might seem a tough task for you so you need to talk less for some days and avoid food items that are hoot or spicy. Don’t try and remove the stem during the recovery period as it can cause more swelling and pain in doing so. Moreover, even when the tongue gets fully recovered you need to take a proper care of jewelry. For this procedure, you need to wash your hands with antiseptic soap and then use dab sea salt with mild anti-microbial soap to clean it. If you find the jewelry loose during the recovery period you need to consult the piercer as there is always a risk of swallowing it. Because your mouth has a foreign attached now, you need to be quite safe about the eating habits. Improper eating habits can cause might damage your teeth and cause gum recession. However, we recommend you to get your horizontal tongue piercing by a professional as it is an improper piercing that can cause nerve damage and can even change your eating and talking ways.  Remember to take a good care of your tongue during the recovery period so that you can flaunt it as style statement.

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