Hair Color Ideas

Hair works like an ornament, especially for women. If styled with different hair colors, they look yet more striking and beautiful. Different vibrant hair color ideas  can be tried to enhance to your natural beauty and with these colors, you will find yourself more stylish and confident.

Every woman strives for a beautiful look, and what could be better if she becomes an icon for a particular hairstyle. Hair is the most important part of a woman’s body.Women spend maximum time and money to style their hair. They apply different haircuts to look trendy and more attractive. Applying different hair colors also play a key role in enhancing their beauty. These colors change their appearance, and make them look much more charming and stylish than before.

So, have you got bored with the natural color of your hair and want to try something new? If yes, then you must definitely apply a perfect color on your hair. These hair colors are available in a bewildering range. All these colors enable you to get rid of your dull and boring hair. However, before you apply a particular color on your hair, you should consult a hair expert. He will suggest you a perfect hair color that will suit your natural color the best. In order get more ideas how to look trendy and more attractive this winter, go through this article. It will infuse you with many exciting ideas. Some of the most recommended hair colors are:


1. Ombre hair color: Ombre is one of the latest and hot hair colors. It is a color that is shaded like a gradient. In this hair color, you a variety of options. You can either color the roots or the tips of your hair. It looks perfect on all lengths and types of hair.

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2. Copper Red Hair Color: Copper red is also a great hair color option for trendy women. It renders your hair a royal and rich look. There are some women who apply this color on half hair, either on the roots or at the strands. It looks very pretty on every type and lengths of hair.

Funky Idea

3. Burgundy Hair Color: Burgundy color is one of such amazing hair color that makes your hair look more stylish and happening. This color is available in various tones, ranging from light to dark shades that are suitable for all lengths and types of hair. The selection of a particular shade depends on the natural color of your hair.

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4. Brown Blonde:Blonde with brown hair is also a great combination. It is one of the most famous color ideas that render your hair a gorgeous and classy look. This combination is also called bronde.


5. Red Highlights: Highlighting your hair with red color is also a great idea. Highlights are the dark colors applied on some strands of the hair. With this hair color idea, you will rock.

Red Highlights

6. Chestnut Hair Color: Chestnut is a reddish brown color. This rich color renders your hair a shiny look. Sine this color is light, it makes your hair look quite natural.

Cool One

7. Cherry Highlights: Cherry is itself a rich and beautiful color. When you apply this color on your hair, you look more happening and stylish. You might have seen many celebrities with the highlights of this hair color. It renders your dull hair a beautiful look.


8. Platinum Hair Color: Platinum is also a latest and trendy hair color. It is a rich and royal color, and when mixed with golden color, it works wonders for your hair.

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9. Hair Extension: Those who don’t want to color their hair, have also a great option of hair extension. It is a procedure, in which artificial hair are affixed with the scalp or strands. It can be permanent or for a limited time period. The selection of the color of artificial hair depends on the natural color of your hair. It should blend well with your natural hair.


10. Balayage: Balayage is a coloring technique that emerged in Paris in 1970. It is designed to create very natural looking highlights. In this technique of coloring, the base of hair is colored very lightly, and the tips with a heavy color. This highlight can be subtle or more intense, depending on your choice. It can be applied on all types of hair, whether blonde, brunette or red hair.


11. Lowlights: Those who don’t like to have very bright color for their hair can try lowlights. These colors are very light, and thus render your hair a natural look. These lowlights are suitable for all types and lengths of hair. With these colors on your hair, you look very decent.


12. Two Tone Hair Color:Those who want an ultra-stylish look can go for two tone hair colors. It can be done in various ways like hair veiling, caramel blond, bright streaks and ombre hair etc. It is also a great hair color option for this winter.


13. Dip Dye: Dip dye is again a trendy and easy hair color idea that suit on both short and long lengths. It is more suitable for those who want to dye their whole head. In this type of coloring, only the tips are colored, leaving rest of the hair untouched.

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14. Funky Hair Colors: If you have got bored with the simple and boring look of your hair, you can also try funky hair colors. To look quite unique and stylish, style your hair with multiple and vibrant colors. You can also use them as highlights with your natural hair. These hair colors are more suitable for teenagers, who strive for trendy and unique look.


15. Use Henna: If you don’t want to take a risk of coloring your hair with any hair color, try henna. Besides the fact that it is healthy for hair, henna is also makes your hair shiner and glimmer. It is also not very durable. If you at some point get bored with it, you can get rid of it after some it. In addition, it is very easy to apply henna on your hair.


16. Dark Brown Hair Color: Brown is a very fascinating and evergreen hair color. It comes in various shades, ranging from light to dark. If we talk about dark brown shade, it is a natural hair color. This rich hair color looks much better on dark or dusky skin rather than white.


Tips for Hair Color:

1. Consult an Expert: Before you apply a particular color on your hair, you should consult an expert hair dresser. Since he knows the type of your hair, he will suggest you a perfect hair color that will not damage your hair. In the absence of this consultation, your hair can be in danger. The wrong selection of a hair color can also make your hair look dull and outdated.


2. Consider Natural Color of your Hair: If you want to have an elegant look, don’t forget to consider the natural color and type of your hair. The color you are trying should neither be very bright nor very light. It should blend well with your natural hair; otherwise it will render you’re a fake and artificial look.


3. Consider your Skin Tone: Different hair colors are meant for different skin tones. So, before you choose a particular hair color, consider the type and color of your skin. For example, light brown color looks great on fair or white skin, and dark brown looks perfect on dark and dusky skin. Apart from this, you should also consider the shape of your face.

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In the final analysis, we can say that hair is the most important part ofa human body. It plays an important role in enhancing one’s beauty. Experimenting different stylish haircuts and hair colors make them look much more beautiful. Women try different hair colors to highlight their hair. These colors render their hair stunning look, and make them look more beautiful than before. Some of the most preferred and latest hair colors are burgundy, cherry, caramel, chocolaty, dark and light brown, platinum, golden etc. All these hair colors are very trendy and rich in look, and therefore make your hair appear very interesting. There are also various funky hair colors for funky girls that work wonder for their unique personality. On the other hand, if you don’t want to try any unhealthy hair color, you have a cheap and healthy option of henna. It makes your hair look shiny and also increases its volume.

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