List of Most Expensive Houses in the World

Everyone dreams of living in a big luxurious house with pools and big garden around. There are people who not only dream big but also live bigger. How bigger, that their richness can be seen in the houses they live. People who are not just rich, but Richie Rich rich have houses that one can only dream of. From the biggest slum of Mumbai, India to the Beverly Hills of California, USA, there are houses of most famous and world’s richest people. These houses are worth millions of dollars in the real estate market. These houses are owned by some of the richest businessmen and celebrities of the world.

Most expensive houses in the world Covering acres of land and sky reaching heights, surrounded with lush green gardens and most amazing views, these are most luxurious and beautiful houses. The value of these houses according to the estate market is millions of dollars. Either situated in posh areas of big cities like London or New York, or in beautiful countryside like Hawaii, the most expensive houses are a mark of its owner’s luxurious lifestyle.

Some of the costliest residential houses that are owned by people are:

Antilla Mumbai

Antilia Mumbai: Owned by Anil Ambani the famous business tycoon, Antilia is the world’s most costly private residence. Situated in South Mumbai, Antilia is the residence of Anil Ambani, his wife Nita Ambani, their three children and 600 people or staff members that help in the maintenance of the mansion. The estimated construction cost of Antilia was 70 million dollars but the house costs 15 times more than its construction cost. It is a 27 story building but it looks like a 40 story building. The increased height is a result of double or triple height of some of the floors. This makes it a 570 feet high tower. The construction was started in 2006 and it took it 7 years to complete this magnificent tower. The tower has three helipads on its rooftop, 6 stories parking for their 168 cars, a 50 seat home theatre and dance studio and of course a spa, a swimming pool and a Jacuzzi. Area of the tower is 48,780 ft sq (4,532 m sq).

Villa Leopolda France

Villa Leopolda France: Villa Leopolda was built by King Leopold II of Belgium. The estate is very beautiful built on waterside which was home of King’s mistress. The estate has been owned by many people over years including Microsoft fame and billionaire Bill Gates. The 29,000 sq. feet home has 11 bedrooms and 14 bathrooms, multiple kitchens and dining rooms. The estate compound has 10 acres of the French Riviera and gardens which requires 50 gardeners to maintain it. The estimated cost of this luxurious house is 506 million dollars. The house belongs to Edmond Safra.

Draculas Castle Romania

Draculas Castle Romania: The Draculas Castle also known as Bran castle is situated near Bran in Romania. The castle got the name Dracula after Bram Stoker’s fictional character Dracula. The castle is a national monument and landmark in Romania. The castle was originally built by Teutonic Knights in 1212 on a 200 feet high rock. The castle was home of Queen Marie of Romania from 1920 to 1957 and is now a museum that displays art and furniture from Queen Marie’s time. The castle consists of 60 wooden rooms with narrow snaky stairways.

The Pinnacle in Montana

The Pinnacle in Montana: The pinnacle in Montana is worth 155 million dollar owned by Tim Blixseth also the owner of Yellowstone Club. It has 10 bedrooms with heated floorings all over the house. The mansion also has indoor and outdoor pools with majestic view of Pioneer Mountain. The house is though small but the cost is high due to the magnificent view of nature. The house covers 53,000 sq. feet of the 160 acres estate.

Fairfield Pond The Hamptons USA

Fairfield Pond The Hamptons USA: Fairfield Pond The Hamptons is the home of American billionaire Ira Rennert. The house is built on a 63 acres compound with construction cost of 6 billion dollars. The house is built in front of a beach in Sagaponack, New York. It is one of the largest residential compounds in USA. The house covers 100,000 sq. feet out of 63 acres compound. The house consists of 29 rooms, 39 bathrooms, 28 meter long dining room, two squash and tennis courts, one basketball court and a bowling alley as well. The estimated cost of this luxurious house is 170 million dollars.

Franchuk Villa London

Franchuk Villa London: Franchuk Villa is the most expensive property in all of London. Formerly a girl’s school which was restored into a Victorian estate is owned by a Ukrainian businesswoman Elena Franchuk. The villa is situated in Kensington London. It is a five story house with 10 bedrooms, a gym, a sauna and a movie theatre as well. The villa covers an area of 21,000 sq. feet with 20 foot ceilings. The value of this villa is estimated as 161 million dollars.

The Manor Beverly Hills Los Angeles

The Manor Beverly Hills Los Angeles: The Manor also known as The Spelling Manor is one of the most famous and valued mansions of USA. The estate is built on an area of 4.7 acres in the Holmby Hills area of Los Angles. This mansion was built by Candy and Aaron Spelling. The house is owned by British billionaire Petra Ecclestone, daughter of the Formula one fame Bernie Ecclestone. The mansion was built in 1988 and consists of 123 rooms, a gym, bowling alley, tennis court, pool, four two-car garages, and parking lot that can accommodate 100 vehicles. The price of this manor is estimated 150 million dollars.

Fleur De Lys Beverly Hills CA

Fleur De Lys Beverly Hills CA: One of the most beautiful estates in America, Fleur De Lys is located in Beverly Hills, California. This 125 million dollar home has 12 bedrooms, 15 bathrooms, 50 seat theater, ballroom, pool, gym and a separate guest house. This 45,000 sq. feet mansion is home of famous American singer Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon. The total area of this property is 5 acres.

Villa La Palladiana France

Villa La Palladiana France: Villa La Palladiana is one of the 20 most expensive homes in the world. It is located in Cap d’Ail with a market value of 76 million dollars. This sea facing villa has indoor and outdoor pool, fitness center and sauna. This French Riviera paradise has a number of terraces and balconies.

Waterfront Estate Istanbul Turkey

Waterfront Estate Istanbul Turkey: Waterfront Estate has 30,000 sq. feet of living space with 64 rooms. This estate is built on three quarters of an acre is the costliest home of Turkey. It is situated directly on the Bosphorus, in Istanbul.The luxurious appartment has an estimated value of a 100 million dollors.

Starwood Estate Aspen Colorado

Starwood Estate Aspen Colorado: This luxurious estate is situated at 876 South Starwood Drive Aspen, Colorado in USA. The cost of this mansion is 18.5 million dollars. The mansion covers 13,500 sq. feet of the total 2 acres of land. The mansion provides a magnificent view of Aspen. Starwood Estate has 7 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms with a bar and an open living area. There is an indoor pool, a Jacuzzi, gymnasium, a custom art room, nanny’s quarters and 2 separate bedrooms also. The estate is also equipped with home theater, tennis court, a 3 car garage, and an indoor pool.

Hala Ranch Aspen Colorado

Hala Ranch Aspen Colorado: Built in 1991, Hala Ranch belonged to the family of Prince Bandar Bin Sultan, The former ambassador to the US from Saudi Arabia. However it is now owned by the hedge fund billionaire, John Paulson. The house was put on sale in the year 2006 but later the Prince withdrew the proposal of selling the house. Hala means welcome in Arabic. Hala covers 56,000 sq. feet of the 95 acre estate which makes it bigger than the White House. It has 15 bedrooms, 16 bathrooms, a beauty salon, a private barbershop, a pool and enough space for a party of about 400 people. It is valued 135 million dollars.

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