Easy Nail Designs that Create Amazing Effect

Nail is one of the most important parts of a woman’s beauty. Well maintained and shaped nails describe that you are very conscious about you look and health. You might have wondered and appreciated the art of nail designs of the celebrities. On seeing it, you might also have thought that it is a complex art and is the result of the creative skills of make-up artists. However, it is partially wrong. Creating a nail art design is very simple, but needs practice and patience.

So, do you want to grab the attention of everyone through the amazing art of your nail design? For easy nail designs the most important thing you need to do is to let your original nails grow because these designs look much better on long nails. However, it doesn’t mean that women with small length don’t have any option of nail deigns. There are also various designs for small nails that they can make easily without going to the parlor.

In this fashion world, women are getting crazy to look more fashionable and beautiful than others. To accomplish this, they style and adorn each part of their body. It enhances their natural beauty and makes them look more attractive than before. Since nails play an important role in enhancing the beauty of a woman, they spend maximum time and money to style them. Well, in order to enhance the beauty of your hands, you should prefer to have your own natural nail, instead of the fake nails. The clean, long and well-shaped nails on your hands have a charm in itself. However, if you style them with different unique designs, it will make them yet more beautiful and catchy.

So, if you too want to receive appreciations for your beautiful nails, go through this article. It will tell you how to do manicure even while sitting at home. Have a look.

1. White Color on Tips: It is the easiest nail design that you can create without putting much effort. First of all, polish all the nails with shiner. When it gets dry, apply white nail paint on the tips of the nails. This is very simple and quick nail design. This design looks great on all nail lengths. However, if you have long nails, it will look much better. To style your nail with this design, you don’t need to go to a parlor. You can do it easily even at home. Thus, this nail design doesn’t require much hard work and money as well. It enhances the grace of your nails and makes them look very shinning and beautiful.


2. Alternate the Nail Colors: It is again an easy design to adorn your nails. Apply different colors on different nails. It is simple and stylish as well. It also doesn’t require a lot of time and hard work. To do this, you don’t need to be an expert in this field. You can do it easily without spending much effort and money. Your nails with different colors succeed in grabbing the attention of everyone. It also lightens the color of your skin, and makes your hands look much more graceful than before.

Simple Paint

3. Dots Manicure: Dots on nail are simple to create and also render your hand an elegant look. First of all, give all the nails a common background color. Then apply other colors to make dots on it. Make sure to use different and opposite colors, so that your dotting design can be quite visible. You can create this design with two colors, or can also use more than two colors. However, if you want to give your nails simple and stylish look, make use of two colors only; otherwise it will become very complicated.


4. Rhinestone Half-moon Design: Half-moon design with rhinestone is also a beautiful nail art. First of all, you need to apply a coat of a common color on all the nails. When it gets dry, apply the color of rhinestone near the cuticle areas in the shape of a half-moon on the nail. Remember to choose a dark color like blue and black for the background nail paint. It will definitely render your nails and hands royal and appealing look.


5. Glitter on Nail Tips: Applying glitter on the tips of your nails is also an east nail art. You can apply the same colors for both glitter and background nail paint, or can also apply alternate colors. This nail design will look very cool on your hand. It will also highlight and enhance the grace of your hands.


6. Diagonal half Nails: Diagonal half nails design is also a famous nail art. It is not very complicated design. You just need to apply two opposite colors diagonally on your nails. Remember, the colors you choose should be very bright, so that it may be quite visible. This design also doesn’t require a lot of time and efforts.


7. Rhinestone Lines: It is a simple and elegant nail design. You just need two nail paints, shiny black and rhinestone. Paint your nails with black nail polish, and when it gets dry, apply rhinestone vertically on it. Apply it while forming a straight line of colorful stones. It will look very attractive on your beautiful hands. It will, in fact enhance the beauty of your ordinary hands.


8. Sparkle Nails: To style your nails with this design, you don’t need to do anything. You just have to buy shimmer nail paint. Black color looks much better than any other color in this nail design. It renders your hands a classy and elegant look. Besides, this design is very simple and easy.


9. Flowers on Nails: Nails with different colored flowers also look great. Don’t think that it is a complex art. Indeed, you can also create it easily without going to any saloon. If you don’t want a complex look, create a simple branch of flower. It will look even more sophisticated and decent. Well, if you are trying to give your nails a simple look, choose only two or three colors. Don’t make this design very complicated.


10. Bow Nails: Some women also create bows on their nails. It is again one of the simple and stylish nail designs. Apply nail shiner on your nails, and then make a bow with black color in different sizes and directions. It will be better to create this bow with black color, as it will render your nails an elegant look.


11. Side French Nails: It is a simple and lovely nail design. First of all apply a bright nail color. After it, paint one side of each nail vertically with an opposite color. Make sure to choose a right color combination like red and black, green and blue, red and white etc.


12. Braided Nails: It is also an easy and beautiful nail design. You just need to do a little practice with different colors. To create this design, you require two or three colors. Apply or overlap these colors on your nails in braid style. If created well, this design looks very pretty on nails. Bright colors used to create this designhighlight and lighten the dull skin of your hands.





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