Cute Nail Designs

Applying different haircuts and wearing stylish dresses are not enough to receive the appreciations for your beauty. To accomplish this, you need to style and take care of each and every part of your body. Like all other body parts, nails also play an important role in enhancing your beauty. Well maintained, shaped and decorated nails are the sign of your consciousness about your health and look as well.

Decorating hand and foot nails with nail polish is a famous nail art prevalent across the world. When it comes to any special event like party and wedding, women spend hours in salons to beautify their nails. Not only time, but they also spend a lot of money on this art. Cute nail designs are quite simple and  you can even style them while sitting at home as well. With these cute nail patterns, you can showcase your creative skills. To create these designs, you are not required to be an expert or specialist in this field. These designs are so simple to do that anyone with a little bit creative skills and practice can create them. You just need to buy a quality nail polish that can enable you to play with colors.

So, do you want to get the attention of people with your long, clean and stylish nails? Here is a list of some cute nail art designs that will help you to beautify yourself. Go through this article and learn some art of styling your body. Have a look.

1. Bow Nails: Bow is a feminine sign that women like to wear in varied forms. Some women also create bows on their nails. It is one of the simple and cute nail designs. Apply nail shiner on your nails, and then make a bow with black color in different sizes and directions on each nail. It will be better to create this bow with black color, as it will render your nails an elegant look.


2. Half Painted Nail Design: It is a simple and cute nail art design. You just need to apply a coat of nail shiner on your nails. When it gets dry, paint half nail diagonally with a bright and vibrant nail color. If you can create a design in it, your nails will look marvelous. Also, style this design with rhinestone stones. It will render your nails and hands a rich or royal look. However, the color selection should also be perfect. Avoid overly bright or loud colors.


3. Cute Animal Nail Art: You can give your nails a cute look if you decorate them with any cute animal prints. You can create the image of a cute animal, or can also print its background design. It is again simple as well as sweet nail design. The color of your nail polish depends on the natural color of that particular animal.

Nail Paint

4. Colored Star Design: It is also an easy, stylish and cool nail art design. You can do a lot of creativity with this design. Give your nails a background color, and create colored stars on it. It will look yet more attractive if you use sparkle color to make stars.


5. Christmas Nail Art Designs: It will be a treat to everyone’s eyes, if you do manicure with a Christmas design, depicting snowflakes, snowman, tree, shining stars and the image of Santa Claus. The colors for this design are red and white. You can also create a red cone shape that is accentuated by the small white dot that makes it appear like Santa hat. It is a lovely nail art design that lightens the skin of your hands.


6. Polka Dots Nail Design: Polka nail art design is very cute and easy to do. First of all, paint your nails with a bright color. When it gets dry, apply small dots with an opposite nail color on it. The color selection depends on your choice. However, make sure to choose a good color combination, so that it can grab the attention of everyone. So, isn’t it easy and interesting? To have more ideas, you must try it yourself.


7. Floral Nail Art Design: It is popular nail art design. Since it is the sign of femininity, women like to adorn their nails with this beautiful design. This design comes in a variety of styles, ranging from simple to complicated or detailed. Since you are looking for a cute nail art design, keep this design simple and small. You just need to create a small flower on your nail with a vibrant color.


8.  Zebra Nail Designs: If you are an animal lover, zebra nail design is the best option for you. You can create it on the tips of your nails, or can also print the whole nail with this design. It looks striking and cool in different shapes and directions.

Black White

9. Chess Nail Design: This design is perfect for those who don’t like vibrant colors. It is done with cool black and white. All you need to do is to make black and white boxes in a proper gap just like chess. It is a unique design, and also makes your nails look cute and catchy.


10. Lady Bug Nail Design: Like the bird, this nail design is also very cute and attractive. Apply a coat of red nail enamel on your nails, and let it dry completely. Apply black nail paint on the tips, and when it gets dry, put black and white dots on it. This will definitely look like a lady bug, and render your nails a cute look.





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