CreativeFan Launch

site-news-imageWe interrupt your regularly scheduled Best of the Week series to bring you some breaking news.  CreativeFan, a new network aimed at creatively-oriented people, launched today, and will be updating frequently with tools, resources, inspiration, freebies and more.  It’s a side project of mine that is designed to complement PresidiaCreative (which, as you might have noticed, has moved more towards inspiration and artist features).  CreativeFan will be more focused on guest authors, and there will be associated tutorial sites, all free of course.  If you’re interested in being a guest author, there’s information on the site.

Go and check out CreativeFan, and subscribe early so you get all the awesome posts as they get published.  Here’s the link:

Thanks as always for reading, and both PresidiaCreative and CreativeFan will continue to bring you the best articles on the web!

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