Eye-catching Cool Tattoos for Guys

One of the coolest ways to display your inner thoughts and imaginations is to ink a unique and eye-catching tattoo design. Everyone likes to get a unique tattoo design that looks good and goes with their looks and style. The world of tattoos has thousands of different tattoo designs that carry beautiful and intricate patterns and colors. From small-sized one color tattoos to big sized multi-colored tattoos, these tattoos are inked by people all over the world.

However, tattoos are mainly divided into two categories, tattoos for men and tattoos for women. This is because of the different likings and tastes of both the sexes. Women generally like to go with colorful tattoos and spiral designs whereas men like to get some meaningful tattoos with some symbolic representation. Thus, tattoos for men carry themes that have some deep meanings with beautiful designs and cool style statements. Cool tattoos for guys can consist of anything depending on the choice of an individual. From flowers to images of mysterious creatures, anything that is inked in a cool and detailed design looks good on the muscular bodies of men.

In this article we have discussed some cool tattoo ideas for men that will help you to choose a design or theme for your cool tattoo design.

Some Cool Tattoo Ideas for Guys

Different people have different likes and dislikes, thus some people like to go with simple and small tattoos while some like to get bigger and detailed tattoo designs. However, before getting a tattoo one has to take care of many things like design of the tattoo, meaning of a tattoo design, place to ink the tattoo and the tattoo artist. So, if you carefully consider all these things, then you will definitely get a tattoo inked on your body that you will never regret your whole life.

Thus, to help you in selecting the design for your tattoo you should continue reading as there are some cool tattoo ides that will help you in finding your tattoo design.




1. Animal Tattoos: There are various animals that man has feared and some that man has liked. These animals are feared as well as loved for their various wild traits. Their fierce nature, bravery, loyalty and wilderness commonly attract a man towards these various animals. Thus, there are many animals that are like by men as a tattoo design. Common animal tattoos that look cool on men are tigers, wolves, lions etc. Every different animal has some particular meanings associated with them. For example, a lion is used to portray royalty and bravery and a wolf tattoo represents love for family and protection. Some other animal tattoo designs that are popular among men are snake tattoo, dragon tattoo, bull tattoo and scorpion tattoo designs.

Various pet animals like dogs, horses and cats are also liked by men to ink their bodies with. Some men who have love for aquatic life and sea like to ink designs of various sea creatures which look very cool when inked with an aquatic theme. Dolphin tattoo is one such popular tattoo design that looks cool on men.

You can also add various postures and other designs to support your animal tattoo. For example a crouching tiger is one popular choice of people getting a tiger tattoo or a howling wolf in a full moon night. You can add anything depending on your choice and design.

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2. Quote Tattoos: Meaningful tattoos with cool style statements always attract men. So, a quote tattoo is another popular choice of men that is commonly seen on them. There are a number of famous authors and philosophers who have said many meaningful things about various aspects of life. These quotes can be used as a tattoo design. However, there are various other things that can be used in quote tattoos. Lyrics of your favorite song, some famous dialogue from your favorite movie, lines from your favorite poem or even your own thoughts can be used in a quote tattoo.

However, one thing to consider before getting a quote tattoo is the font for your tattoo. There are thousands of fonts to choose from. A quote tattoo only looks good when inked in a good font design. So be careful while selecting the font for your quote tattoo. You can also add various other designs that can be used inked with your quote tattoo. You can add some objects related with your quote. For example if your quote is based on love then adding some hearts will definitely look cool with your quote tattoo.


3. Bird Tattoos: Bird tattoos are inked by both men and women however; the difference between bird tattoos for men and women is the selection of the bird. Bird tattoos for men carry birds that represent wilderness or protection. These tattoos carry bold colors that are inked in dark patterns. Men like to get different birds in their tattoo design depending on the traits of the bird. There are a number of bird tattoos for men however there are only few birds that can be used in cool tattoo designs for guys. Birds like eagles, hawks and owls are commonly like by men on their muscular bodies. The fierce and wild nature of these birds makes them as popular tattoo designs among men. These tattoos on men represent power and freedom.

These tattoos can also be done in various different designs and patterns. For example, an eagle tattoo can either depict face of an eagle or an eagle spreading wings. Similarly owl and hawk tattoos can also be inked in various different designs.


4. Tribal Tattoos:  Traditional designs inked in modern themes are also liked by men. One such traditional design that looks cool on men is tribal tattoo design. Tribal tattoo designs are one of the oldest tattoo designs that have been used by man for ages. Some famous celebrities like Randy Orton and Dwayne Johnson also have inked their bodies in tribal tattoo designs.

Tribal tattoos used today are a fusion of traditional tribal designs inked in modern patterns. These tattoo designs use various geometrical patterns like triangles, cones etc. in the design. Tribal tattoo designs are generally inked using black color but people who want their tattoo to be colorful can add colors in their tribal tattoo design. These tattoos are unique because there is no particular pattern in which these tattoos are designed. You can customize your own tribal tattoo design or you can also look for various other customized designs made by various tattoo artists.

Like other tattoo designs, tribal tattoos also have some deep meanings behind them. As these tattoos represented high status, achievement and respect to higher powers amongst various tribes, these same meanings are still carried in tribal tattoo designs.


5. Flame Tattoos: Dark red yellow flames inked on arms look very cool on men. Flame tattoos are commonly inked by men however some women also like to get flame tattoos because of the various meanings associated with fire and flames. Flames are used to represent purity and passion and thus men as well as women can get this tattoo design.

Flames are generally inked in various colors and with various other symbols. Generally yellow colored flames are seen on men however there are various other colors that can also be used in flame tattoos. Blue colored flame is one popular tattoo design that is popular among men nowadays. A skull tattoo with flames is also another popular choice of men. This tattoo design depicts burning flames on the head of a skull.

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6. Skull Tattoos: Skulls have always been a symbol of danger and death. Thus, skull tattoos on men represent that they are to be feared from as they are dangerous and messing with them could lead to death. Warriors or soldiers also like to get skull tattoos as it represents death at war.

Apart from the dangerous meanings associated with skull tattoos, these tattoos are also like by men for their unique and variety of designs. Blazing skull is one such popular tattoo design that has already been discussed with flame tattoos. Another popular skull tattoo design is skull with a rose. However, there are many other skull tattoo designs to choose from. A group of skulls with a war scene in background also looks cool on men.


7. Chinese Tattoos: Chinese tattoo designs that are popular among men mainly consist of warrior theme or dragon theme. However, Chinese letter tattoos and Yin and Yan tattoo is also a popular choice among both men and women. Chinese tattoos look unique and cool because of the details of the tattoo design and the use of various color combinations. A Chinese dragon or warrior tattoo represents bravery, power, wisdom and protection.

Chinese tattoo can be inked in various designs and symbols. A Chinese dragon tattoo can either be inked with a sword or can also be depicted as breathing fire. Similarly a Chinese warrior tattoo can be painted in simple standing posture or a in a fighting stance.








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