Cool Desktop Backgrounds

A desktop background is an image used as a background on the computer screen. Microsoft uses the term desktop background that is used on the computer screen while in Mac it is known as desktop picture. Whatever fancy names you give to the image you used as wallpaper on the desktop, it does not make it cool unless the picture is unique enough to catch the eye of onlookers.

Everyone likes to keep a cool  desktop background that is attractive and beautiful. As people pay attention to their computers customization, this has led to the designing of new and beautiful wallpapers for desktop backgrounds. From self-photographed pictures to cool and designer pictures, people decorate their desktop background with various different wallpapers. These wallpapers include some of the most beautiful natural wonders like Niagara Falls, the Grand Canyon or some wonderful pictures of various animal, birds, wildlife, and vegetation. There are also custom designed wallpapers based on various fictional and real life themes.

Thus, there are a number of cool wallpapers that can be used by you to decorate your desktop background. In this article we have discussed some cool and refreshing desktop background ideas that can be used in your desktop background image.

Cool Nature Wallpapers:

Man has always been fascinated towards wonders of nature. The view of a full moon in a night sky or calm sea water in the horizon is some of the views that can be breathtaking. Such natural scenes can be used in desktop backgrounds. Mountain peaks covered with snow and desert in the shining sun also look cool when used in a desktop background. There are various other beautiful natural scenes like waves, oceans, reefs, forests etc. that can be used as desktop backgrounds.


Animal pictures also make good desktop backgrounds. Depending on one’s choice and liking, he or she can keep a desktop background depicting an animal or a group of animals. Popular choices of animals that are used in wallpapers are wild animals like tigers, lions, wolves etc. Cute animals like puppies, kittens, rabbits etc. are also used in various wallpapers that can be used as desktop background. Wallpapers depicting dogs, cats, horses and other tamed animals are also used by various people for their desktop background. Birds also make good pictures for your desktop backgrounds. Flying and colorful birds give an aura to your desktop background.


2. Sci-Fi Wallpapers:

If you are a geeky or nerd, then there is nothing cooler than a sci-fi desktop background for your computer. There are a number of cool and very imaginative sci-fi wallpapers available on the internet that can be used for a desktop background. These wallpapers generally depict pictures of various scientific fictions like aliens, spaceships, scenes from various sci-fi movies etc.


3. Celebrity Wallpapers:

Celebrity wallpapers are the most popular wallpapers used as desktop backgrounds by people. Different people like to keep their favorite celebrity picture as their desktop background. Famous actors and actresses, sports personalities, TV stars and other famous people are used in celebrity wallpapers. Men usually like to keep the picture of sizzling hot model or actress as their desktop background. Some ambitious people like to keep pictures of various scientists, politicians and businessmen as their desktop background to gain inspiration.


4. Love Wallpapers:

One of the most beautiful themes used in wallpapers is love. These wallpapers are not only beautiful but also look good as desktop background. These wallpapers generally depict love couples either kissing or holding hands. Hearts are also commonly used in wallpapers based on love themes. Wallpapers depicting the word LOVE are also popular choices of people as desktop background. However, some heartbroken people like to keep broken heart wallpapers or images depicting a crying person as their desktop backgrounds.


5. Brand Names Wallpapers:

These wallpapers are generally famous in computers used in a particular workspace. For example, a computer used in Nike or Adidas will generally carry desktop backgrounds depicting the company’s brand names or logos. However, some people also like to keep various brand names and logo images as their desktop backgrounds as these pictures look cool as desktop backgrounds.


6. Sexy Babes:

Men never miss a chance to give shape to some of their fantasies. Thus, pictures of sexy models and babes are popular choices of men as desktop backgrounds. These pictures depict beautiful young females with curvaceous bodies and erotic expressions.


7. Abstract Wallpapers:

Art has always fascinated human mind. Whether it is paintings or wallpapers, abstract designs have found their place everywhere. Thus, people who like abstract art can go for wallpapers based on various abstract themes and designs. Abstract designs used in wallpapers can either be based on some painting or can be customized and made by the computer user. However, people who love abstract designs and do not know how to customize their design can look for various abstract wallpapers available on the internet.


8. Animated Wallpapers:

Animated wallpapers are generally like by children however, there are various beautiful and creative animated wallpapers that are also popular among adults. Animated wallpapers with beautiful themes look cool as desktop backgrounds.


9. Sport Wallpapers:

Sports enthusiasts like to keep desktop backgrounds containing pictures of various sports and players. Common sport wallpapers used by people are football and car racing. Sport wallpapers generally depict sport items and accessories, famous sports personalities or some scenes depicting players while playing.


10. Vehicle Wallpapers:

Cars and bikes are popular desktop backgrounds used by many people all over the world. High speed cars and bikes are used in such wallpapers. Speed always thrills and thus keeping a desktop background of a stylish and fast car or bike is considered as cool by people. Some people like to keep pictures of big trucks and other vehicles as their desktop background.


11. Wallpapers Based on Technology:

Modern technology and advancements have led to the invention of various new gadgets and other machines. These gadgets and machines are not only good because they are of use to humans, but are also good because of their unique and techno looks. These machines like robots, gadgets and other technological things are also used in wallpapers and desktop backgrounds.


12. Movie Wallpapers:

Another popular choice of people for a desktop background is wallpapers based on various movies. These wallpapers depict stills from the movies, movie cover photographs, actors of the movies and various other things related with the movies. For example, a Lord of The Rings wallpaper may depict the ring or Frodo. Thus, you can keep wallpaper of your favorite movie as your desktop background.


13. 3-D Wallpapers:

These are new in the category of wallpapers but look very cool when used as a desktop background. 3-D wallpapers are named 3-D because of their looks. These wallpapers look like the things depicted in the wallpaper are for real.


14. Inspirational or Quotes Wallpapers:

Words of inspiration when used as a desktop background look cool and motivating. Many people like to keep quotes and phrases of their favorite writers or philosophers as their desktop background.


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