Interesting Black History Month Facts

The month of February has the least number of days in the calendar year and is regarded as the month of love all over the world. However, in America, Canada and United Kingdom, February is the month of annual celebration of the numerous achievements made by the black Americans. The Black history month facts tell you about the various notable things that took place in the United States of America. Although America got independence in the year 1776, it took more than 100 years for the black people of America to stand together with the white people to form a secular state. Ever since the independence of America, black people have made an influential contribution in the development of the country. Therefore, the month of February is acknowledged as the Black history Month in the United States of America, Canada and U.K.

African-American History Month

The black history month is often regarded as the African-American History Month which is annually observed in the month of February in America and Canada, whereas in the month of October in United Kingdom. The first black history month was celebrated in the year 1926 when Carter G. Woodson announced the second week of the February month as the Negro History Week. However the observation was extended to a month from the year 1976. The idea of this month celebration was purposed by the leaders of the Kent state in 1969 and was first celebrated in the same state in the very next year. This observation was then followed by the United Kingdom in the year 1987 but was celebrated in the month of October. Similarly, Canada too accepted this celebration with America in the year 1995.

1st February (13th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution 1865)

On this day in the year 1865 the 13th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution was passed by the 38th Congress Ratification. This amendment mainly focused on ending up the slavery in the nation. This day is also remembered for the contributions of abolitionist lawyer John Swett Rock. John Rock was born on October 13, 1825, in Salem, New Jersey was the first African-American lawyer admitted to the bar of the Supreme Court of United States. He was an outspoken abolitionist in the states and mainly did his practice in Boston. He died at the age of 41 in the year 1866 due to tuberculosis.

February 1

2nd February (Birthday of William Ellisworth)

The day is celebrated as the birthday of the famous artist William Ellisworth from the states. He was born on this day in the year 1914 in Washington. He did his education from Syracuse University. He also did his artistry studies from Florida artist Augusta Savage. He is better known for his exceptional works exhibited at Atlanta University and the Whitney Museum.

February 2

3rd February (Bill White as the Commissioner of Baseball)

This day is celebrated for the achievements of Bill White, who became the Commissioner of Baseball in the year in 1989. He was born in the year 1934 in Florida and was a famous baseball player, who played for the New York and San Francisco Giants. He had a long professional career of 18 years and driven in at least 100 runs in three consecutive seasons. He was the first African-American baseball player to be elected as the Commissioner of Baseball by the National League President in the year 1989 and completed his tenure till 1994.

February 3

4th February (Stamp of Sojourner Truth)

On this day, the Postal Services of America issued a stamp of Sojourner Truth in the year 1986. Sojourner Truth was an African-American abolitionist and women’s rights activist who was born in the year 1797. She served her entire childhood in slavery and later became the first black woman to win the case over a white man. In the mid 1800′s she become quite popular for her preaching about the abolition of slavery. She was also among the news for her attractive speeches and unique methodology. In the year 1862 she won an award at the London World Exhibition. Her outstanding achievements and contribution to the nation’s development finally came to a halt on November 26, 1883.

February 4

5th February (birthday of Henry “Home Run King” Aaron)

This day of the month is celebrated as the birthday of the famous baseball player Henry Aaron. He was born in the year 1934 and played is much of the career as a right midfielder. He spent maximum time of playing career in the National League, where he spent 21 seasons with the Milwaukee and Atlanta Braves. He then spent two years with the Milwaukee Brewers of the American League. He was ranked fifth on the 100 Greatest Baseball Players list according to The Sporting News in the year 1999. Aaron holds the record for the most All-Star Game selections and even for the most seasons as an All-Star. He took the retirement from the sports in the year 1796 and played his last professional game for the Milwaukee Brewers. He was later inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame in the year 1982 and was named as Georgia Trustee by the Georgia Historical Society for the year 2010.

February 5

6th February (The Peabody Fund for Black education)

This day of the month is remembered as the inaugurating day for The Peabody Fund for Black education in the year 1867. The fund was mainly created for the cause after the civil war. This fund mainly focused on the promotion of educational in the southern states of America. The fund had contributions from the states of Florida and Mississippi. However, Peabody donated additional $1,000,000 to the fund in the year 1869. The fund was strictly followed for thirty years and it resulted in formation of Peabody Normal College and many other Educational Trusts.

February 6

7th February (Negro History week)

On this day in the year 1926, the famous American historian Carter G. Woodson announced the beginning of Negro History week. The week was chosen as it was popularly marked as birthday of both Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglass. The main aim behind the launch of this week celebration was the insurance of the dominated race to survive collectively in the society. This aimed on encouraging the coordinated teaching of the history of American blacks in the country. The step was later celebrated as the Black History Month from the year 1976.

February 7

8th February (Debi Thomas won the U.S. National Figure Skating Championship)

On this day in the year 1986, Debi Thomas became the first African American girl to win the U.S. National Figure Skating Championship. She was born on March 25, 1967 and started skating from the age of five. She won the world championship in the year 1986 and also won the bronze medal in the 1988 Olympics. Debi Thomas was a pre-med student at Stanford University, when she won her first championship in the year 1986. Due to her outstanding achievements in the sports, she was inducted into the U.S. Figure Skating Hall of Fame in 2000 and even went on to be part of the U.S. Delegation for the Opening Ceremonies of the 2006 Winter Olympics.

February 8

9th February (Leroy “Satchel” Paige was inducted in Hall of Fame)

In the year 1979, on this very day the name of Leroy Paige was announced to be inducted in the Hall of Fame. Leroy Paige, nick named Satchel was an African-American baseball player who was born in the year 1906 in Alabama. He was widely popular for his striking pitches and was the first player from the Negro league to be inducted in the Hall of Fame. He played the professional baseball till the age of 47 which is the record for the oldest rookie to play in baseball league. He played his last professional match on June 21, 1966 and called it a day for his outstanding professional career. On June 8th, 1982 he died at the age of 75.

February 9

10th February (The Civil Rights Act of 1964 was passed)

The date10th February is celebrated as The Civil Rights Act of 1964 was passed after ten days of debate and voting on 125 amendments in the U.S. Assembly. The act had forms that mainly focused against the racial, ethnic and position of the women in the society. The act was called by John F. Kennedy in his civil rights speech of June 11, 1963. The bill got passed with the total votes of 190 to 130 and was applicable in the American constitution from the year 1964.

February 10

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