Best Disney Songs That are Evergreen

Songs are something that all of us like to listen. Our tastes are of course different but when it comes to Disney songs, all of you would agree that they have a huge fan following. So, here is a collection of best Disney songs that are evergreen and hot favorite of people from all age groups. Have a look.

A Whole New World – Aladdin

Romantic, inspiring and full of love and life, this song from the Disney movie Aladdin will take you to a new world which is what the lyrics also claim. Aladdin sings to his beloved princess Jasmine about the unexplored realms of the world where there is nothing but wonder and sheer delight. He asks her out to accompany him on his dream ride so that she can watch out the unbelievable sights and feel the indescribable feelings. The song is a delight for a couple as well as an individual for it fills your heart with hope, joy and positivity.

Be Our Guest – Beauty and the Beast

Performed by Jerry Orbach and featuring Angela Lansbury, the song is an ode to a guest. It entreats her to savor the dishes and enjoy her time as the hosts are there at her beck and call. The host is delighted that he has a guest to wait upon. He wants to treat her with utmost love and care. He would leave no stone unturned to the make the beauty happy and content. This song is perfect if you want to cheer someone up or you can also play it in a party.

Circle of Life – The Lion King

Composed by the great Elton John and written by Tim Rice, Circle of Life is a profound philosophical take on life. It is inspirational, enlightening and adorable. No one has understood life, no matter how dynamic experiences he has had. It is a roller coaster ride and takes you through the highs and lows and everyone goes through the twin phases but everyone has a different story to tell. The song tells you about the different shades of life and how to go through the circle of life.

Bare Necessities – Jungle Book

Sung by Phil Harris and Bruce Reitherman and written by Terry Gilkyson, the song is a moralistic sermon to Mowgli by Baloo. The latter tells him how to survive in this world and not worry about things that cannot be found. To put it precisely, it is the art of survival that the wise bear is teaching to an innocent and confused child. It is a lovely song that you can play for your children or for anyone who is feeling low or is overwhelmed by the challenges thrown by life.

You’ve Got a Friend in Me – Toy Story

Composed by Randy Newman, the song expresses the feelings of a friend. It tells how much he loves and cares for his buddy and would be always there for him. It is also about his insecurity because he says that there will be no one better than him though his friend might find people who will seem better. Lovely, isn’t it? Dedicate it to a friend and see how his heart melts after you have played the ode.

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