20 Best Cover Songs

A cover version of a song is the new recording or performance to the previously recorded song and is commercially released other than the original artist. The list of best cover songs is quite long as new artists come up with some brilliant music skills to make the original version more popular. Here are some of the most popular cover songs of all times.

1. Turn The Page Metallica

Originally composed and sung by Bob Segar, Turn the Page was covered by Metallica for their album Garage Inc. which was released on November 23, 1998. The track remained on the number one position for eleven weeks on the Billboard Hot Mainstream Rock Tracks   and became band’s most popular covered track. The original version had Bob Segar playing saxophone as the base which was replaced by some brilliant guitar piece from James Hetfield and Kirk Hammett.

2. Metallica – Whiskey In The Jar

Another covered song by Metallica for their album Garage Inc.,Whiskey In The Jar is a Irish traditional song which was popularly first performed by Thin Lizzy. The song became quite popular after the covered version by Metallica and won a Grammy in 2000 for Best Hard Rock Performance. The song is about a highwayman who robes a military official and is betrayed by a woman.

3. Guns N Roses – Knocking On Heaven’s Door

Covered by Gun N Roses, the song was originally composed by Bob Dylan and featured as soundtrack in a film Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid in 1973. The covered version was included in the album Use Your Illusion II which was released in May 1992. The track claimed the number track position on Ireland charts and second on UK charts.

4. Avril Lavigne – Knocking on heaven’s door

One more covered version of the famous Bob Dylan’s composition, Knocking on heaven’s door was also covered by Avril Lavigne for her My World video release in 2003. It was also a bonus track for her album Goodbye Lullabywhich was released in 2011.  The song became quite a big hit with her lovely voice and brilliant acoustic guitar skills.

5. Aretha Franklin – Respect

Originally released by Stax recording artist Otis Redding,  the song was covered by Aretha Franklin for her album I Never Loved a Man the Way I Love You which was released in April 1967. The lyrics are somewhat same as the original song but the music has significant changes. The track claimed the number track position on R&B Singles Chart and Australian Singles Chart.

6. Joe Cocker – With A Little Help From My Friends

Originally performed by The Beatles, the song was covered by Joe Cocker as the theme song to the television series The Wonder Years. The song later featured in his first self-titled album which was released on 23 April 1969. The song received positive reception from the audience and was inducted into both the Grammy Award Hall of Fame and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

7. Jimi Hendrix- All Along The Watchtower

Originally written and recorded by the American singer-songwriterBob Dylan, the song was covered by Jimi Hendrix for his album Electric Ladyland which was released on September 21, 1968 in US. The song claimed fifth as the top position on the British charts, and number 20 on the Billboard charts.

8. Eric Clapton – I Shot the Sheriff

Originally written by Bob Marley, the song was covered by Eric Clapton forhis album 461 Ocean Boulevard which was released in July 1974. The song featured as the 12th song in the album and was inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame. The song topped the charts with the number track position on U.S. BillboardHot 100, Canadian RPM Top Singles and New Zealand (RIANZ).

9. The Beatles Twist n Shout

Originally titled Shake It Up, Baby the song was recorded by the Top Notes and later covered by The Beatles. The song featured in their first UK album, Please Me which was released on March 2, 1964 in US.  The song served as the longest running Top 40 hit for the Beatles as it stayed for twenty-three weeks on the top track list.

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