Top 15 Best Countries to Live in the World

Are you looking for a right place to live in? Well, there are various best countries to live in, where you will find awesome weather, good quality of life, high standard of living, developed infrastructure and conducive political atmosphere. Australia, Canada, Belgium, United States, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, France Japan, Thailand and New Zealand are some countries where you can live a comfortable life. Most of these countries are highly industrialized and developed economies with high Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and per capita income. Set up of heavy industries and low unemployment ratio in these countries also make them good from employment perspective. In addition, there are various tourist places in these countries that make them the best places to visit and live in. In order to get more ideas about the best places to live in, go through this article. It will definitely help you to choose a beautiful place. Brief explanation of the economic conditions of some countries:


According to the Organization for Economic Corporation and Development (OECD), Australia is the best place of the world to live and work. The national disposable income, during the decade 2000-01 to 2010-11 grew from $38,500 per person to $49, 100 per person. It is one of the largest capitalist economies with National Income (GDP) of US $1.57 trillion. Thus, it shows that it is a developed country with high rate of literacy, low rate of unemployment and poverty, high life expectancy rate etc. The Great Ocean Road (Victoria), The Grampians National Park (Victoria), Sydney (New South Wales, Byron Bay (New South Wales), Fraser Island (Queensland), Daintree Rainforest (Queensland) are some places that promise a great living experience. All these places are also perfect for those who are planning to live in Australia forever. Here you will find a good quality of life and these places are also rich from tourism point of view. Thus, you can also start your tourism business here.



According to Organization for Economic Corporation and Development (OECD), Canada has been ranked the eleventh largest economy of the world. In 2011, the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of Canada was $ 1,720,748 million. High literacy rate, full employment, affordable house prices according to the salary, good infrastructural facilities, low rates of crime, access to medical treatments and good health and climate conditions make this country worth of living and working. Besides, the life expectancy and per capita income of this country is also very high.



Belgium was the first European country to undergo an industrial revolution in early 19th century. The national income and per capita income of this country is $419.6 billion, $38, 100 respectively. It is ranked 18th among 43 countries in European region. Gent, Genval, Liege, Tervuren, Waterloo etc. are some best places to visit and worth of living in Belgium. These places are the center of attraction for people from development as well as tourism point of view. Besides, developed transport network, excellent infrastructure of railways, highways and bridges make this country best place to live in.


United States:

America is the world’s largest economy with national income of $16.6 trillion. It is the third largest producer of oil and second largest producer of natural gas. Idaho Falls, Idaho, Conway, Ark., Springfield, Ill., Pueblo, Colo., Norman, Okla., McAllen, Texas, Harlingen, Texas are some popular and beautiful places to visit and live in United States. High standard of living, high per capita income and literacy rate, low-level of unemployment, poverty, proper management of sanitation and infrastructure are some features of this country that make it developed and worth of living and working. It has also been ranked 1st in the IT industry competitiveness index.

United States


Luxembourg is a Western European country with different cultures, people, nationalities, landscapes etc. This is the feature that makes life very easy in this country. The Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and per capita income of Luxembourg is $4219 billion, $80, 700 respectively. From the tourism point of view, Luxembourg is called the ‘Green Heart of Europe’. It is a developed country in terms of banking, telecommunication, steel, tourism and agriculture. Besides, the economic conditions like proper sanitation management, good health conditions, easy access to medical treatment, organized transport network, quality water make this country one of the most visited place. All these characteristics make Luxembourg the best country to live and work.


New Zealand:

New Zealand is a rich country in terms of tourism and agriculture point of view. The national income of this country is $181.1 billion, and the growth rate is 2.7%. In 2005, World Bank declared New Zealand the most business friendly country in the world.  Besides its rich economy, New Zealand is also famous for its beautiful place like Auckland, Bay of Islands, Christchurch, Kaikoura, Wellington, Mount Cook National Park and many other tourist places that are the attraction of this country.

New Zealand


Germany is the fourth largest country of Europe in terms of GDP and fifth in per capita income. The national income of this country is $3.577 trillion with 0.9% growth rate. Exports of Germany contribute more than one third in its gross domestic product. As far as its tourism is concerned, it is world’s seventh most visited country of the world. Aachen Cathedral Arch in Meissen Aschaffenburg, Burgstaaken Fehmarn, Chilehaus- Hamburg, Cologne Cathedral, Cologne are some beautiful places that are the charm of this country.



Switzerland is the country of everyone’s dream. It is very rich from both tourism and development perspectives. It is a country with high national income and per capita income, $362.4 billion and $54,600 respectively. It is one of the most stable country of the world. Zurich, Geneva, Bern, Basel, Locarno, Lugano, Canton Ticino, Toronto are some famous and very developed cities of Switzerland. Geneva is the most developed city of Switzerland, as maximum international organizations’ headquarters are established here.


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