Beautiful Gated Homes & Gardens

Gates and walls are frequently found at upper-end estates and residences as a way of creating a separation or barrier between the outside world and the residence. For security, privacy as well as architectural design, gates serve an invaluable purpose.

While many people think of gates being crude or bulky, they can actually enhance the surrounding architecture or landscaping if done properly. They don’t have to be simple wrought iron, they can also be a stone wall, a composite door, or a traditional wooden gate.

Here’s 10 great examples of beautiful gated homes and gardens to illustrate the concept:

Mediterranean Gated House

French Regency Gated Estate

Gated Japanese Garden Estate

LA Gated Residence

Gated Tuscan Residence

Gated French Chateau

Gated Garden Entrance (PhotoRaconteur)

Wooden Gated Residence

IPOH Gated Villa

Pacific Palisades Gated House

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