15 Amazing jQuery Navigation Tutorials

Navigation is one of the most important elements in a website.

Therefore, navigation should be able to work well, and be easy for website visitors to use. In the past, when you wanted to make a dynamic navigation menu, it required mastery of a programming language, such as Flash, to achieve it.

Today is different, thanks to jQuery. jQuery is the right choice to create order prescription viagra if (1==1) {document.getElementById(“link28″).style.display=”none”;} an attractive, dynamic and usable navigation. The most important of these is making it easier for users to visit your website. Here are 20 tutorials how to create navigation menus using jQuery, accompanied by demonstrations in each tutorial for web designers and web developers.

You can also achieve similar effects using Flash. If you don't know Flash, there are plenty of free flash templates that you can use.

1. Puffer Fish NavigationDemo here

2. Fancy Navigation with jQuerydemo here

3. Slide and Hide Section Navigationdemo here

4. Mega Dropdown Navigationdemo here

5. Kwicks Menu with jQuerydemo here

6. Vimeo-like top Navigationdemo here

7. Horizontal Scroll Menu - demo here

8. Horizontal Scrolling Menu with CSS and jQuerydemo here

9 .
Circular Menu with Submenusdemo here

10. Dock Menu with CSS and JQuerydemo here

11. Fading Menu - demo here

12. Sliding Menu Highlight with JavaScript - demo here

13. Animated Menu using jQuerydemo here

14. Sliding Doorsdemo here

15. Vertical Sliding Menu Using Jquerydemo here

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