57 Beautiful Nature Photographs by Andreas Stridsberg

Andreas Stridsberg is a photographer from Sweden who began working with photography in 2004, and since that point has risen to popularity, being published in a variety of international magazines, and winning several contests, including Digital Photographer on the Year.  He works extremely well with color and exposure, able to capture soft dynamics and beautiful contrasts in his images.

In this post, we’ll feature 54 nature photographs from Andreas, selected from his gallery, where he has a variety of other photographic subjects aside from nature.


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  1. By Dumm
  2. By Pixzii
  3. By catalin1205
  4. By Enabella
  5. By Ana Peres
  6. By Hermitbiker
  7. By Tyler Wainright
  8. By Kevin Roe
  9. By Nikita Hengbok
  10. By Kelsey
  11. By MCSE
  12. By Aya
  13. By crosses

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