500 Business Cards Giveaway

thumbIt is my pleasure today to have our first giveaway here at Presidia Creative.  Thanks to BizCard, we’re giving away 500 free business cards to one lucky reader.  In order to enter, all you have to do is leave a comment to this post with a valid email address.  Only one post per reader counts, and the winner will be randomly selected.

Even if you don’t win, you can still get 250 free business cards (from a limited selection of designs) by selecting the free option on BizCard’s website.  Thanks for entering, and thanks to BizCard for sponsoring this giveaway.  Good luck to all entrants.

Bizcard is an online printing company, allowing anyone to create print marketing products such as business cards, postcards, letterheads, and other products.  Bizcard is a Green Seal certified Direct Mail and Print Solutions company.  By building partnerships with reliable non-profit organizations, BizCard strives for nothing less than a complete reversal of our environmental impact. For example, through partnership with AmericanForests.org, BizCard is able to plant one tree for every order received.

  1. By Rojita K. Datta
  2. By Davide
  3. By Harmeet Singh
  4. By Roberto Alanís
  5. By Heidi
  6. By Opariuc Mihai
  7. By Texas Web Hosting
  8. By Roy Kinsey
  9. By John Calorusso
  10. By Bryan B.
  11. By boogiesbc
  12. By Luis R.
  13. By Rick
  14. By stefun
  15. By Stephen
  16. By Thomas
  17. By Cathy Tibbles
  18. By Chris Miller
  19. By Eric
  20. By Amit
  21. By chris
  22. By Chetan N
  23. By Emir
  24. By vikas
  25. By MCSE

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