45 Incredible Digital Artworks by Tomasz Maronski

Tomasz Maronski is a digital book illustrator who started with art nearly 10 years ago, working initially with traditional painting.  However, traditional oil paintings were too time consuming, and with the emergence of computer graphics, he switched to a digital painting style to improve productivity.

His paintings generally focus on fantasy themes with inspiration from the everyday world.  In this post, we’ll look at 45 brilliant digital paintings from Tomasz, some of which you might recognize from the cover of various books.  Be sure to check out his CGSociety portfolio.

Enjoy the digital paintings, and thanks for reading!

  1. By Smashing Buzz
  2. By Nikita Hengbok
  3. By Christian Logan
  4. By Sibi Gauer
  5. By Smart Web Design
  6. By Cristian Butusina
  7. By MCSE

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