39 Breathtaking Digital Paintings by Jana Schirmer

Jana Schirmer is a digital painter from Germany who creates digital artworks in a variety of genres.  She expresses mood and emotion masterfully, and captures each moment beautifully.  She is currently attending an art school in Germany to improve her skills even more.

In this post we’ll showcase 39 breathtaking digital paintings from Jana Schirmer, selected from her gallery.

Hopefully you like the artworks, and share them with your friends!  Thanks and see you all next week!

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  1. By Stunning Mesh
  2. By Shen
  3. By Hermitbiker
  4. By slim david
  5. By :)
  6. By Maria
  7. By hailea
  8. By Samson
  9. By Hypesol
  10. By MCSE
  11. By Jino Jiwan

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