36 Breathtaking Photographs by Mike Shaw

thumbMike Shaw, also known as morbidthegrim, is an exceptionally talented digital photographer from Cheshire in the UK.  His incredible imagination and ability to break the rules and structure of photography allows him to produce some truly breathtaking images.  As you view his work, you’ll notice an inherent comfort with the outdoors, but also a unique ability to capture a moment in flux, during a time of metamorphosis in the season of the year or time of the day.

His images range from stunning outdoor landscapes, to clever and purposeful images of everyday life.  Each work is a masterpiece, and it was truly a challenge to select only some of his work to feature.  I hope you all enjoy his work and truly are able to appreciate the beauty, and I hope Mike inspires all of you in your daily endeavors.

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Lay Me To Rest

A Mothers Touch

A Sentimental Lullaby

A Secret Not Spoken


Alone in a City of Millions

Another Day

As Spring Awakens

As The Siren Sings


Battle Scarred And Weary

Beauty In Unity


Bow To The Wind

Carry Me Away

Cherish The Day

Dreaming Of Another Land

Footsteps To Heaven

From The Night

Golden Morning

Good Morning World

I Met You Here

Its Only Art

Just Another Sunset

Left Untouched



More Than Skin Deep


Oceans In The Sky

One Too Many

Palm House In The Rain

Reality Is But A Dream Away

She Reclaims Her Own

The Ambush

The Protest

  1. By Adelaide DJ
  2. By Dzinepress
  3. By Michael Cerdeiros
  4. By Brukhar
  5. By Mars
  6. By chosrau

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