35 Easy Pretty Hairstyles That Take Minutes

Every girl loves to wear pretty hairstyles because they add to her charm and personality. However, the only problem with wearing pretty hairstyles is that one needs time to create them. Now this is something that is not available to everyone at every time. This is why girls look for easy pretty hairstyles; such hairstyles that can be created with ease and in less time. We know many of you are under the notion that such hairstyles do not exist and even if they do they do not possess variety.

Well, the truth is that there are scores of easy and pretty hairstyles. They come in the form of ponytails, braids, semi-braided tails, fishtails, French buns, simple buns, etc. In fact, there is so much variety in this category that if you go looking for one or two you will find ten or twenty. What is more, they can be worn on all lengths of hair; whether short, long or medium. What you have to figure out is that which one of them will suit your face shape and here too you can find a whole lot of variety. One such collection of varied simple pretty hairstyles waits below for you. Have a look.

Easy Tiger

Simple Bob


Cute Girl






Easy Style



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