33 Awe-Inspiring Matte Paintings by Christian Hecker

Christian Hecker, also known as Tigaer, is an incredibly talented digital artist from Germany, who works with concept art, matte painting, 3D and other styles to create visually stunning environments.  He has won numerous contests on CGTalk, CGHub and others, and he uses digital painting, 3DS Max, Vue, and other programs to create his results.

In this post, we’ll feature 33 awe-inspiring and gorgeous works from Christian.  Hopefully you like his work, and be sure to check his gallery.

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  1. By me
  2. By catalin1205
  3. By bea5058
  4. By Ana
  5. By Kevin Roe
  6. By Ian Eichfuss
  7. By Margarita Arce
  8. By Shen
  9. By Brukhar
  10. By adrian
  11. By Ben Koshkin
  12. By MCSE
  13. By njmehta

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