30 Simple Painting Ideas for all Age People

Do you love painting but do not have the finesse in your strokes to create that beautiful picture that you always wanted to? Don’t lose heart because with simple painting ideas you can create wonderful paintings without even being an expert painter. Painting is as much about finesse as it is about passion. So, if your heart is in it, you can create wonderful paintings through these easy painting ideas. These ideas are based on all kinds of paintings such as body tracing, finger painting, drawing-coloring, etc.

So, we start with the easiest one i.e. body tracing. In this style of painting, you trace your body or one of its parts such as hand or foot on a sheet and after that you apply water color or any other kind of paint to create a lovely painting. This simple style painting is a hit with kids as they enjoy it very much. Below you will find a pair of feet, created with multiple shades that were made using this very technique.

The second easiest style is that of finger painting. In this style, you dip your fingers in water color and then use them on canvas to create various kinds of paintings. You will find a scenery below showing mountains, clouds and trees. It has been created in this very manner. There is one another painting of a green ball with a white U-shaped curve on it and a brown backdrop.

Now we come to the drawing-coloring style of painting. In this style of painting, you can create numerous things. For example, you can draw a simple clip-art kind of portrait and then color it with crayons or water color. The pink sheep we have shown below is an easy painting based on this very style. All other paintings that you will find below have either been created directly with colors or by sketching and coloring process.

Painting is a wonderful art that gives you freedom to express your emotions and feelings on paper. It is not necessary that you have to draw an aesthetically appealing piece; you can also draw something seemingly incoherent that holds meaning for you. After all, modern art is all about meaning and expression. So, live out your painting passion without the fear of being judged. The simple ideas of painting shown below will provide you with the much-needed motivation and help.






Wind Mill







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