30+ Incredible CG and Digital Artworks from Gnomon

The Gnomon Workshop is world renowned by CG artists for producing some of the highest quality training content available.  From matte painting, 3D modeling, visual effects and compositing, character creation and more, Gnomon provides training for a variety of visual effects and CG topics to inspire and educate the artists of tomorrow.  They frequently recruit the best of the best, having close working relationships with a variety of the major players in VFX, including Industrial Light and Magic, and Blur Studios.  As such, they have been able to recruit artists who have worked on a variety of amazing industry projects, and their galleries are nothing short of breathtaking.

This post showcases just some of the incredible CG and digital artworks from Gnomon’s training staff.

Enjoy the artworks!

Dylan Cole

David Levy

David Pasciuto

Darin Hilton

Chris Stoski

Christopher Nicols

Christian Lorenz Schurer

Ryan Church

Robert Nederhorst

Paul Campion

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