30 Bright Pink Business Cards

Pink is one of the most eyecatching colors in the design world. While it’s often associated with being a softer, feminine color, pink can actually have sharp, vibrant shades that will draw everyone’s attention.

Pink can work great for business card services, especially if your business caters to women, such as a women’s stylist or salon. ┬áBut you can also use pink if you are a bakery or caterer, a design agency, or just someone who wants to make a powerful first impression. ┬áThere are many ways to use pink in a business card, from a dominating foreground color to a crisp background color.

Here’s 30 bright pink business cards to inspire you:

Shi Shi Business card

Pink Business Card

Creative and Unusual Die-cut Business Card Designs

Kristina Plummer

Maria Bernal Photography


Pink Business Card


Allens Printers

Steve Kelly

Bright Pink Business Cards

Flora Ambrosini

Business Card



Pink Business Card

Bright Pink Business card

Jenn Potter Fashion Stylist business card design

Verbena x-small Business Cards

Business Card

Business Cards

Pink Business Card


Business Card Pink

Pink Business card

Pink Business card

Yoga Business Card

Pink coloured Business card

CherryBlossom Business Card

CherryBlossom Business Card

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