30 Breathtaking Fantasy and Space Artworks by Inga Nielsen

thumbInga Nielsen is a digital artist and physics student from Hamburg, Germany.  Aside from studying astrophysics and geophysics, she is also a masterful digital artist and prolific writer.  She works frequently with Terragen, combined with digital painting to create some of the most stunning landscapes you’ll find.  Her combination of fantasy landscapes with space art gives her work a unique aura of mystery, and the quality of the images she creates is astounding.

In this post, we’ll showcase 30 of Inga’s incredible works, which will be sure to leave you in a state of wonder for the rest of the day, and make you wish these magical views exist.  Hopefully you like them, and be sure to view her full gallery.

Hopefully you like her work, if you do, make sure you see her full gallery.  Have a great weekend everyone!

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A Winter Secret

Waldgeist The Step Beyond The Secret 4 The Secret 3 The Secret 2 The Secret 1 The Dream The Bridge Summer Son Stardust Sombrero Galaxy Sleeping Sun Sailing The Desert Reign of Fire Night Memories Looking Towards Home Inside Impact Galaxy Rise Flowers Empress of the Skies Eclipse Deep in the Woods Cold Fire City In The Clouds Blue Summer Song Blue Moon Wheel Of Fire

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