30+ Astounding Graphic Designs by Christopher Haines

thumbChristopher Haines is a graphic designer from Perth, Australia, who has a long held passion for all things art and design.  His primary styles of digital art range from typography, photomanipulation, to 3D matte painting and surreal landscapes.  He works at a local design studio, and does freelance on the side, as well as submitting to the depthCORE collective.

His work is astounding, and he is a master of his tools in every way.  In this post, it’s an honor to feature some of Chris’ work.  If you want to see his full gallery, you can check out his personal site, NeonDreams or you can find him on Behance.

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  1. By Doug
  2. By Dzinepress
  3. By Isaac
  4. By Johnson Koh

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