27 Beautiful Digital Portraits by Melanie Delon

Melanie Delon is a digital painter from Paris, France, who works as a freelance illustrator.  She works primarily with Photoshop and Painter, along with a drawing tablet, to create stunning and realistic digital portraits.  She has won a variety of awards and has had her work featured in many publications as well.

In this post, we’ll look at 27 beautiful digital portraits from Melanie, selected from her website.

Hopefully you enjoy the artworks, and be sure to view her full gallery!

Have a great day.

  1. By klaverjassen
  2. By Designzzz
  3. By Hermitbiker
  4. By Anonymouse
  5. By tatiana
  7. By Alfy
  8. By hannah
  9. By Corky
  10. By Agatha
  11. By Brianna
  12. By Car
  13. By ishy
  14. By M
  15. By Tye
  16. By vinnu
  17. By melissa
  18. By DINO
  19. By Reirei
  20. By MCSE
  21. By Logo Design

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