25 Zombie Costume Ideas

Zombie costume ideas are preferably the best options for Halloween parties or fancy dress competitions. Zombies are weird looking, cold blooded and typically slow in their actions. The modern era movies like Zombieland, Resident Evil, Warm Bodies and Zombie Stripes have made zombies as one of the most popular choices for Halloween or horror costumes. They show a life of living dead and with some really perturbing looks, zombies are certainly the most influential horror characters. If you are planning to dress up like a zombie for the approaching Halloween party, the following article will help you with some of the most useful tips to set up your zombie costume.

1. Select the Zombie Type:

The first thing that you need to decide before any further steps are the type of zombie you wish to dress up like. For this you can take help from the above mentioned movies or can search for various sites on the internet. You can even use comics or other references to get a better idea about the final design for your zombie. The most interesting ones are zombies of the celebs as there are many customizations that can be done with them. Once you have decided the outlook of the zombie, there are endless possibilities that you can try with it.


Zombie Bride

2. Setup the Base:

Like most of the fancy dresses, you need to select the base of your zombie costume. As per your zombie selection you need to collect all things necessary. Now look out for the things that are available at home and the things that you need to visit the market for. If all things are available at home it’s good, but if not, be sure that you buy stuffs that are cheap as they will only be used once. So cut down on extra expenses and collect the required things from your home or friends. Some common dressing items that you can find easily at your home are the worn our pair of jeans, military jackets, retro wigs, old school uniforms and the t-shirt you hate the most.



3. Designing the Dress:

Designing of your zombie dress is mainly dependent upon your creativity. The first thing that you need notice about zombies is their worn out clothes. So in order to look like one of them, you need to give your attire worn out, messy and untidy looks. Use blades, scissors, sandpaper, needles and more of your creativity to dress the costume like a zombie. Make cuts on you jeans and rip them from the ends. For the t-shirts, you need to rip off the sleeves and make them look muddled. Girls can do the same with their skirts and can even try wearing worn out stockings inside them. Remember that you are designing the dress for zombies not for a fashion show, sop make all the possible experiments you can do with your clothes.

Zombie Couple


4. Add Highlights to the Costume:

Once you are done with your zombie costume, you need to highlight it with some blood marks, scratches, burn marks and mud. This step can get a bit messy, so we recommend that you take help from your family or friends. In order to add blood spots or your dress, you need to buy artificial blood from the market. If you don’t find in the market, you can easily prepare it at home. You can prepare false blood sample with edible food products like corn syrup or red chili sauce. Blend these edible products with water and then using the big paint brush flick the artificial blood on your dress. Similarly for the burn marks you can use gas lighters or candles to burn the cloth ends. Make some wide burn holes in the middle of the clothes but remember to keep some water with you while doing so. For the dirt on your dress, you need to apply soil as per your likes.


Zombie Walk

5. Make up for Zombie:

Your zombie looks will never look complete until you are done with a proper make up. In order to look like a perfect zombie you need to make up like them only. For this purpose you can use water color paints or grease paints. As the zombies are cold blooded, you need to use the light blue color as the base color on all your skin area. Cover the skin with two coats for a better look and spill some of the artificial blood you made earlier on to the skin. The next step in order to get the perfect zombie look is to modify the facial expressions specially the eyes. Like the zombies, you need to make dark circles around your eyes with the help of eyeliner or black crayons. You need to use colored eye lens for a more real looks. Zombies are quite noticeable with their dreadful skin and for that you can use latex to add the wrinkles on your skin.



6. Some Special Last Touch:

Now that your zombie costume is almost ready, there are some special last touches that you need to add ii order to have the complete zombie look. You need to make torn skin and wound marks with some liquid latex. If you don’t have latex, you can use brown and red shades to color the wound. For bleeding blood you can mix oats with colors and then apply it over the wounded skin portions. Finger nails should be long and dirty like the zombies, which can easily be made to like them with artificial finger nails and some black nail paint. The last thing that will complete your zombie looks is your hairstyle. You need to keep them messy with hair knots as the highlights. You can add dust, grass and even insects to your hair so that you look similar to the zombies.

Walk Zombie

Not Innocent

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