20 Free Useful Tools for Designers and Developers

thumbThere are a host of free tools available on the internet that can help designers and developers increase their productivity. Some tools are great, others just waste your time, so today, we’ve sorted through the free tools available to find 20 free and useful tools for designers and developers.

Whether you’re looking to create invoices, contact your colleagues, find a color scheme, generate some code, or share files, you’ll find a free tool in this list to do the job. This list is an absolute must read once you make websites for yourself or clients.

Thanks for reading, and good luck with your freelancing endeavors!


Dropbox is the easiest way to share files online, allowing you to sync files across various computers.


FreshBooks is a professional, hassle-free online invoicing service.


OpenWith is an online directory of various filetypes and what programs can open them.


SiWapp is an open-source, free online invoicing system, in case you wanted more control than FreshBooks gives you.


Tracer allows you to see what information is being copied from your site, as well as giving you credit with regards to search engine rankings when content is copied.

Adobe Kuler

Adobe Kuler is a color scheme generator that helps you find the perfect blend of colors for a project.


TypeTester is an online tool that allows you to view various fonts and stylings and compare them, without the hassle.


ShowDocument is an online service that allows synchronized co-browsing of documents.


Wix is a free flash website developer, allowing you to easily create flash templates.

HTML-PDF Converter

HTML->PDF Converter is a great online tool for converting HTML documents into PDFs.


Not all upgrades are good upgrades, so OldVersion lets you download older versions of your favorite programs.


Firebug is a Firefox plugin that provides a wealth of functionality and information for web developers.

What The Font

What The Font is a font identification service to help you match fonts.


SplashUp is an online image editor that essentially provides the functionality of Photoshop in an online application.

Test Everything

Test Everything allows you to run over 100 tests on your website to validate and check for errors.


FormatPixel is a unique online application that allows you to design brochures, flyers and posters online.

Browser Shots

Browser Shots is a service that takes screenshots of your website in various browsers that you select, perfect for testing legacy browsers or browsers that you don’t use but your users might.

Answer IM

Answer IM is a sort of answering machine for various instant messaging services, allowing you to remain online even while your PC is off.


FileMail is an awesome free service that allows you to send large files via email.


SpringLoops is an online code collaboration service that saves revisions and allows you to seamlessly collaborate on coding projects.

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