20 Entertaining and Endearing Cartoon Movies 2012

What is it about cartoon movies, which makes them so special and sought-after among audiences of all age groups? What is it about them, which gives them such a lovable and likable sheen? Why is it that children cannot resist these movies and go crazy after them? Cartoons are really a wonderful advancement in the art of film making. It has given filmmakers a unique weapon through which they can reach out to a wider audience. Cartoons allow filmmakers to explore the unexplored realms of their imagination and creativity. Cartoon Movies 2012 were great block busters and came up with some creative thoughts and executed them so well that know they have become a bench mark for other movies.

When they are working on an animated movie they have a carte blanche to let their imaginations run wild. It is also a fact that cartoons help the filmmakers tide over the tantrums thrown by film stars.The cartoon characters don’t demand jaw-dropping fees and are always ready to obey the orders and demands of their directors. For the directors, working on a cartoon movie is no less than a fun exercise. They enjoy it the most and if you ask any of them, they would prefer to work on a cartoon movie than a movie that casts actors and actresses, at any given day.



Rise of the Guardians

Cartoon Movies Keeps us Delighted:

When it comes to cartoon movies, it is all about weaving an entertaining and interesting plot along with some fine technical work that makes characters come alive on screen with their unrealistically real other-worldly charm. These characters depict our dreams, desires and hopes in such a way that it looks like all of them can be achieved. Even if you do not believe in them, you would definitely agree that they fill your heart with hope and delight. This is the magic of cartoon movies and now you must have got the answers to all the questions that we raised in the beginning.

We know a lot of you love to watch cartoon movies and Hollywood churns out a good number of cartoon movies every year. Every year has something worthwhile to offer and 2012 was also one such year. Many animated movies were made by famous directors in this year and a lot of them succeeded in capturing the hearts and minds of the audiences from all age groups. They had diverse themes and different stories. The characters were inspiring and adorable with some of them so memorable that it is difficult to forget them.

Who can forget Princess Merida from ‘Brave’ who saved her kingdom from an evil curse with her self-belief, skills and courage? Hotel Transylvania gave us a glimpse into the heart of a Dracula who wants to save a human. ‘Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax’ which was an adaption of a novel from the great writer Dr. Seuss, made us see the zeal and passion of ayoung boy who is not afraid to venture out into the wild and unknown in order to find the seeds of a real tree to win his love interest. ‘Ice Age 4’ took us through an adventurous journey on the sea while Madagascar 3 Europe’s Most Wanted introduced us to the feelings of animals towards human beings.

The Lorax

The Pirates Band of Misfits

Hotel Transylvania

Madagascar 3

Ice Age

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