10 Creative Uses of Printing in Projects

When people think of graphic design printing, they usually think of business card printing or flyer printing, and assume that it’s going to be a cookie cutter, template style printout that really does little to enhance the design. However, there are far more uses to printing services than you would initially think.

If you get a little creative, you can have custom printing done to simulate a certain object like a loaf of bread or a floppy disk, or you can have intricate printing done to create interlocking shapes and elements.

Check out these 10 uses of creative printing in projects, and get inspired to make your next printing project something extraordinary.

Calendar Clock

3.5″ Poster Set

Graffiti Book

Diskit Sticky Notes

Sliced Bread Notebook

Flywheel Stationery

Milk Carton Prospectus

A Cowboy’s Dream

Be the Change Box


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